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    Grooming Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away

    Feb 15 • Nailing It • 62 Views

    Staying in good health isn’t just an important task in life, it’s becoming more and more apparent that what we do to our bodies greatly affects how we function and age. With a constant bombardment of health tips or pressure to watch your diet and exercise, it’s surprising how many people don’t know one simple way to improve the overall health of your entire body. And it’s not just hitting the gym.

    Getting a manicure and pedicure takes a multi-pronged approach when tackling the issue of staying in good health. Your hands are one of the most exposed areas of your body and are daily weathered by dirt and grime that sometimes a simple hand washing may not scrub out. When you get a manicure, your cuticles and nail beds get an extra deep cleaning as hard to reach dirt that can get embedded behind and around the nails is scraped out. Trapped dirt that isn’t taken care of can often lead to unsightly problems down the line for your hands.

    Your feet naturally take regular beatings all day, whether you’re trekking to and from work or pounding the treadmill. This can create uneven skin and callouses on the bottoms of your feet. Pedicures exfoliate these conditions away, which ultimately helps distribute your weight more evenly and keep you more balanced. This can also reduce leg and back pain for those who depend on their feet to keep them upright for long periods of time.

    The oils and moisturizers that are massaged in during a mani/pedi don’t just feel good, they actually help improve blood flow to the extremities, which can diminish aches and pains and help your body circulate heat in the cold days of winter.

    One of the most serious problems cleaning your nails can prevent are fungal infections that grow under the nails. If not caught early, they can discolor and eat away at your nails, sometimes needing special lasers to remove the fungus. Getting manicures and pedicures don’t just help stop these from happening, but are a surefire way to catch anything starting to develop early so it can be treated.

    Your body’s health is a great thing to stay on top of. Regular mani/pedis promote lasting health benefits, not to mention keep your hands looking sharp when you go to grab those kale chips.

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • valentine's day nails art inspiration

    Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspiration

    Feb 10 • Hints & Tips • 77 Views

    Valentine’s Day is here again and whether you’re a single pringle or loved up, we know you’re going to want on-point nails! That’s what we’re here for! We have rounded up our top five looks for V-Day manis from Pinterest so your nails can look their best.

    This amazing glitter manicure with a heart accent nail is a gorgeous look for Valentine’s Day! This mani can easily be achieved with your favorite glitter top coat and contrasting color. You can recreate the heart with scotch tape stencil or a striper brush.

    valentine's day nail art inspiration

    This second manicure is similar to our top fave (can you see the trend we are following this year?). If glitter isn’t really your thing, this pared back version is the way to go. You just need your go-to nude or pink, a white and a glitter. If you really don’t want to go for the glitter, just use the main color for the heart.

    valentine's day nail art inspiration

    This subtle nod to Valentine’s day is just adorable if people weren’t looking too closely at your manicure they could mistake it for just a subtle nude color! This is for those wanting a less ‘in-your-face’ look. You can create the hearts using a dotter tool or a toothpick.


    If pink isn’t really your thing, try this black and red glitter combination. The heart on the accent nail really stands out from the black base coat and the gradient on the other nails just brings it all together.

    valentine's day nail art inspiration

    If you want a glitter look but are not a fan of hearts, or aren’t confident with nail art – this one is for you! This gorgeous pink manicure with a glitter accent nail is romantic and sweet but doesn’t require too much effort or skill. Perfect for those wanting a Valentine’s mani that is easy and quick.

    Finally, if nail art isn’t your things, try these decals from Nordstrom for only $10.00 They are sure to set your nails out from the crowd!

    What do you have planned for your Valentine’s Day manicure? Are you going to be recreating one of these looks? Let us know by commenting below!



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  • Color Nail Spa

    In The VIP Chair: Color Nail Spa, 238 W 14th St, New York, NY

    Feb 8 • In The VIP Chair • 284 Views

    In The VIP Chair salon reviews pedicure.com

    You know those days when you have the most important business meeting of your career and the rain is relentless and you are ducking umbrellas and trying not to slide out in your stilettos? Well, that day was the day I also chipped a nail yet had 20 minutes to spare (a rarity these days I must admit). Now, you would think getting a quick manicure on those days would not be the focus but I am a person who believes no matter what is going on around you if you have an important meeting or event then everything from polished shoes to perfected nails should be a priority in how you present yourself. Harder to do now that I am juggling a business and a very active toddler.

    So I ran into Color Nail Spa on 14th street in Manhattan as it was opening so literally was only one of two people in the rather large salon. It seemed clean and all attention was on me as I quickly chose a deep purple/blue/maroon tone to compliment my tailored outfit. You have to love Essie’s ‘Wicked’, a perfect choice for the start of winter. I only wanted a quick manicure and my technician was brilliant. She had my fingers looking respectable in 10 minutes, in fact, it took longer to dry my nails than to do them. Which is kind of crazy considering I paid extra for quick dry – hands up if you hate paying extra for that? Yes, me too! Overall, this salon was clean, the staff were friendly and for what I needed they did a great quick polish job.


    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling


    Ambience: Medium to large salon, they had just opened so it was hard to tell what the ambience would be throughout the day. During my time it was really quiet.

    Cleanliness of salon: Clean

    Polish: Manicure Essie ’Wicked’ (Retails $7-$10)

    Polish job & chip factor: Polish job reasonable, my first chip appeared after a few days after

    Color range: Great range of polishes

    Customer engagement: Friendly and engaging

    Price range: Manicure $12, Pedicure $20, Manicure & Pedicure $30

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  • Super Bowl Nail Designs Australian Open Nails

    Sporting Mani’s – Super Bowl vs. Australian Tennis Open

    Feb 3 • Celebrity Style, Hints & Tips • 171 Views

    The beginning of February is upon us and so is the culmination of the NFL season with the much anticipated 2017 Super Bowl. Whether you’re a Patriots or a Falcons fan, we have some hot tips to make your nails scream Super Bowl fab! If you’re attending a party or just watching from your couch, we’ve found the perfect polishes to make your mani match your team.

    If you’re a fan of the Atlanta Falcons you’ll be rocking a combination of red, white, and black. We recommend Essie ‘Aperitif’ as your red, Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’ as your black and for white we love China Glaze ‘White on White’.

    New England Patriots are similar, with team colors of red, navy and white. We found Essie ‘Really Red’ to be the perfect bright red, Sally Hansen ‘Ja Cozy’ is the perfect blue and China Glaze ‘White on White’ doubles as a great color for the Patriots.

    As for nail art, we recommend just going wild with your colors. Stripes, spots, maybe even some silver glitter to jazz it up? Not everyone has the time (or skills) to paint their team logo on each fingernail. Just go with it and let your creativity flow! At times, it is more fun to just go freestyle when it comes to your nail art.

    While the Americans are following football and counting down the minutes to the Super Bowl, in Down Under we are following a very different sport. For Australians, the Tennis is on our screens for the entire month of January, with competitions in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and most famously the Grand Slam that is the Australian Open in Melbourne. Every year we watch the competitions that lead to the Australian Open, the sport is not only on everyone’s lips but also the fashion and style that comes with it. With the rise in popularity of nails and nail art, the players have embraced adding manicured nails as the perfect accessory to their outfit choice.

    Caroline Wozniacki Australian Open Nails

    Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark. Image Credit: Getty Images

    Serena Williams Australian open

    Serena Williams of the United States. Image Credit: Joe Armao

    Our top looks from this year’s Australian Open were Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark and arguably the tennis queen of Nails (and tennis in general) Serena Williams. Wozniacki matched her nails to her Stella McCartney for Adidas dress, a gorgeous shade of blue. While Williams went with rounded claw shaped nails in an off-white color, matching her custom Nike dress.

    So what are your favorite looks for this sporting season? Will you be wearing your Super Bowl team’s colors on your nails or will you be taking inspiration from Serena? Let us know by commenting below! Don’t forget to send us pictures of your 2017 Super Bowl manis!

    Mette x

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  • Nailing It: It’s A Man’s Man Mani

    Jan 31 • Nailing It • 216 Views

    If you’re a guy who has walked into any typical nail salon, it’s easy to tell that the majority of them aren’t exactly designed to make a guy feel, well, like a guy. From the plush pastel chairs and neon nail polish racks to the stockpile of Cosmopolitan, People and Vanity Fair, not to mention the five women that looked up from their pedicures when you walked in. The misconception that men don’t or shouldn’t groom their nails has trained us to think men sitting with their feet in a pedicure bath is bizarre, and don’t even think about putting polish on, no matter how “clear” it appears to be.

    News Flash: men get their nails done. It’s a harsh reality for some. There’s an even crazier one though. Even “manly” men get their nails done. Why? Hands are hands. Whether you’re tying a Full Windsor for work, gripping the weight bar for a bench press or strapping on stilettos for your weekly drag show, men from all walks of life are paying more attention to their grooming, an escalating trend in recent years.

    Even though many salons are accommodating to men, there’s still a slight hesitancy in a guy’s first time getting a mani/pedi. So where do you go to get that clean manicured look without feeling like you’re sitting in a room suffocated by estrogen?

    In New York City,, there are dozens of “dude-friendly” salons around with more popping up all the time. One notable one in particular is 18/8 on 20 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan. This “guys only” salon is a one-stop shop for all your grooming needs. But when it comes to nails, you can book their signature Man-icure Package, which comes with a 30-minute cuticle treatment, hand mask and a scrub, as well as a hand and arm massage accompanied by an Executive Haircut and an aromatic hot towel treatment. 18/8 is definitely a spot to mark on your MANicure Map.

    Check back here every other week for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • Elegant Nails Larchmont NY

    In the VIP Chair: Elegant Nails, Larchmont NY

    Jan 24 • In The VIP Chair • 187 Views

    It was 100 degrees the day I decided to visit a friend in Larchmont, NY and I was hot, like really hot. Imagine, makeup melting off your face – hot. Your sun dress soaked to the bone – hot. Charming I hear you say, definitely not my most glamorous moment.  As I walked the streets of this delightful little town I was drawn in by its friendly, yet local European feel. Take it from me to truly determine the nature of such a place you should always check out their local coffee spot and nail salon. I was too hot for coffee so I opted to have a quick mani and pedi. I choose the closest place to where our car was parked for obvious reasons. Grace was the delightful lady to greet me upon opening the doors to this quaint yet bustling salon. I later found out that Grace has owned this salon for 20-years and car pool with her 3 staff members from Queens each day. You could tell that these women enjoyed spending time with each other. I was surprised, as I know firsthand that hours of being caught in New York City traffic will either bond or break you. To me, it seemed like their commute brought them closer together with the way they interacted. They didn’t just primp and prime nails all day, they enjoyed spending time together doing it and actually took pride in their work.


    It was then that Grace inspected my feet and declared that I was in desperate need of a buff (a.k.a. major callous removal), I knew she was right so reluctantly agreed to the procedure that is torture to someone like me with really ticklish feet. Just the thought of it is enough to make me squirm in my seat. I am not going to lie the hot stone foot massage coupled with the complimentary paraffin wax was totally worth the few minutes of being tortured.

    I was impressed with how knowledgeable Grace was with all things nail related. As she started to file the top of my fingernail she said that the horizontal ridges (that I had been seriously worried about) were from my cuticles being pushed back too hard. Apparently, I have soft cuticles and she could see serious damage had been done by having my cuticles pushed back so forcefully. Ok so rewind, when these deep horizontal ridges started to appear on my fingers, I went to our  Editor, then googled it which I shouldn’t have done because I found out that I must have a serious life-threatening disease that would kill me within 24-hours. I am of course being my dramatic self but you get my drift. I even went to a top dermatologist who insisted I wasn’t dying and that damage to my cuticles was the reason for the lines and I should stop getting manicures for 6-months. So I tried to adhere to his recommendation and lasted 2 months, no small feat when you write for a site like pedicure.com. Grace knew why I had these lines and confirmed the diagnosis of the dermatologist which to me was another confirmation that she is in this business because she is passionate about what she does. When she was finished my nails had never looked better, and the polish job lasted almost a week on my fingers and three weeks on my toes. This salon is proof that size does not matter, with their four mani and two pedi chairs they pack a mean punch in the nail industry. This experience was by far my most impressive to date and I would certainly go back.


    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling


    Ambience: Busy small salon, despite being a little cramped it was a really relaxing environment.

    Cleanliness of salon: Salon is quaint, small, basic and clean.

    Polish: Manicure & Pedicure: Essie – deep red (my fav) ’Jump in my Jumpsuit’ (Retails $7-$10)

    Polish job & chip factor: Polish job was so immaculate that my fingers lasted 6 days without a single chip and on the 6th day I only got the smallest chip so overall it was more than a week before I needed another manicure.

    Color range: A basic range that consisted of predominantly nudes, pinks and pale tones, which tells me a lot about the demographic that visit this salon

    Customer engagement: The owner Grace takes pride in her small salon and offers exceptional customer service. This was a very friendly and professional salon.  

    Price range: Pedicure $17, Manicure $8, Manicure & Pedicure $20, Gel $25 (without a lamp), Spa Pedicure $47, Callus removal is an extra $10, French manicure: $12 and a 10-minute massage $10

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  • Time for a Nail Detox?

    Jan 20 • Hints & Tips • 164 Views

    New Year, New You. Right? This time of year is full of resolutions some of which will be forgotten by March. A resolution we think you should commit to is keeping your nails healthy (of course, we’re going to say that, we’re Pedicure.com!) Many people regard nails as a purely aesthetic feature, however, they are a lot more important than just a place to show off your nail art skills. Health experts describe fingernails as the window into your body’s health, because they are linked to so many bodily functions and internal organs. So if there’s one resolution to stick to in 2017, make it your nails!

    While it’s all well and good to talk about unhealthy nails, we should really start off by explaining what healthy nails look like and how they grow. Let’s look at the following:

    Color: they should be pink/red with no black, brown or white spots

    Shape: ideally, they should be naturally rounded and covering the fingertip with no gap between the nail and the skin (both at the cuticle and underneath the tip of the nail)

    Hardness:  they should look firm, not too thin and not too thick (think Goldilocks)

    Growth: your nails should grow evenly and gradually, requiring clipping about every 7-10 days

    Unhealthy nails can be caused by a number of reasons, even an unbalanced diet can have an effect on your nails! The main symptoms of bad nail health are:

    Yellow nails: these can be caused by an overuse of nail polish or acrylic nails staining the nail bed. Age can also have an impact. Less commonly, yellow staining can be caused by some thyroid diseases, diabetes, and respiratory diseases.

    Splitting and cracking: these are mostly caused by lifestyle factors like having your nails in or around water a lot (when swimming or washing dishes), over using nail polish remover, using cleaning chemicals or even living in an area with low humidity! In rare cases splitting and cracking can be caused by thyroid issues, fungal infections or a vitamin A or B deficiency.

    White marks:  these are most likely caused by an old nail trauma at the base of the nail bed and will grow out on their own. Sometimes these can be caused by fungal infections. There is an old wive’s tale that white marks are caused by calcium deficiency; however, this is a complete myth!

    So if your nails are exhibiting these symptoms, you many need to give yourself a ‘nail detox’. Like any good detox sometimes you just need a break from overindulging! A few simple changes to the way you treat your nails can help get them back in tip-top shape! Start by eating a balanced diet and giving your body the adequate vitamins and minerals it needs, you are fixing your nails from the inside out. Just increasing the amount of food in your diet containing biotin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Zinc and Protein can do wonders for your nails and overall health. Wearing gloves while doing the dishes and cleaning reduces exposure to water and chemicals, helping them to split and crack less. Basic hygiene and maintenance also has a huge impact on your nails. By cleaning them and moisturizing your cuticles you are ensuring that no outside germs can get in and cause havoc. It also reduces the chance of getting painful infections.

    Finally, if you notice any issues or symptoms with your nails that don’t seem to go away, don’t cover them with a manicure or artificial nails, instead, visit your doctor to make sure that something deeper isn’t causing the issue.

    Is it pretty easy right? Are you going to be sticking to your resolutions this year? Or do you already do all these things for your nails? Let us know by commenting below.



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  • Nailing It: Getting Back in the Habit

    Jan 19 • Nailing It • 146 Views

    We’re all guilty of starting something new or saying we’ll commit to a new good habit like going to the gym or remembering to put the toilet seat down, only to burn out weeks or months later and be right back where we started before. At the start of 2017, maybe you should make a resolution that’s not only good for you, but that’s pretty easy not to drop hold of too.

    For us guys, when it come to our grooming we’re not always, shall we say, the smoothest about it. To some, just the idea of keeping yourself well-kept seems outlandish or unnecessary. And don’t even mention getting a manicure. However, there has been serious gain on the male grooming front when it comes to male-geared beauty products, all-male salons and the number of guys that are going out to make sure their nails and hair stay at the top of their game.

    It’s true, the stigma against men keeping their nails groomed is disappearing. The International Spa Association reports that men now make up over 35 percent of their clientele, a number that has literally doubled over the past ten years. From NFL players and celebrities to hotshot professionals and family men alike, a guy taking care of both sets of their nails is becoming a definite trend among today’s men, no matter their race, job, marital status or sexual orientation.

    From nail spas popping up all over that specifically cater to male clientele such as serving craft beer or wine while your toes get clipped to big beauty companies like Aveeno, Neutrogena, and even Nair launching exclusive “For Men” lines that encourage guys that “beauty” isn’t just for women, men’s grooming is exploding.

    There are tons of tips, tricks, and trends to discover to keep your or your guy’s nails and skin looking top notch. Check back here every week for recommendations, guidelines, how-to’s and product reviews for any guy to be as polished as he wants to be.

    Watch out, ladies. Here we come.

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  • In the VIP Chair: Lavi Nails...Revisited

    In The VIP Chair: Lavi Nails … Revisited!

    Sep 12 • In The VIP Chair • 604 Views

    In The VIP Chair salon reviews pedicure.com

    Lavi Nails, Newport Centre, Centre, 30 Mall Dr W, Jersey City

    Exactly two years ago I had visited Lavi Nails the day before our summer vacation to Bermuda. I remember that I had received great service but my gel manicure chipped after a few days (which as you can imagine I was not happy about). Fast forward two years and here I was in the same situation (although this time with a very active toddler in tow).

    It was the day before our summer vacation to the Bahamas and my nails were a hot mess. I had been so busy that I had almost forgotten to get my manicure and pedicure. Now I know what you are thinking how could someone who writes for pedicure.com not prioritize getting their nails done before their vacation? Trust me when I say looking after a very active toddler full time while running my own business leaves very little time for anything else. That reminds me I must chat to our Editor about doing a feature on DIY nails in under 5 minutes – that would be a life saver for me right now!

    So here I was with under an hour to get my nails done, I literally ran into Lavi (which is a large salon) and it was jam packed with women who seemed to be in the same situation as me. I used my power of persuasion (ok I begged) and they put me on a 20-minute wait list. That meant I did not have time for both so I decided on a pedicure and hoped that I would have time to do a quick DIY manicure before I left.

    The staff were friendly and really helpful and the polish selection was rather extensive. I choose a polish and then saw a beautiful polish on my nail technician’s hands so asked her what it was, she got up and searched the salon for it (I appreciated her going out of her way but I was on the clock and I swear there were at least 2,000 polishes she needed to look through).

    The color was Angelacq’s Lipstick Red, an exquisite deep red – perfect for our vacation. My technician was brilliant, she had my nails polished beautifully and was really quick. This is the first time I have revisited a salon for a review and it was interesting that after two years the only thing that had changed was they had increased their nail polish range. The service was outstanding and my polish job lasted almost four weeks.

    I will definitely return to this salon again.

    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling


    • Ambiance: relaxing, large and open space, with a movie playing on the big screen
    • Cleanliness of salon: Clean and spacious,
    • Polish: Angelacq ‘Lipstick Red’ – Retails $5.50
    • Polish job & chip factor: good polish job – lasted almost 4 weeks
    • Brands They Stock: OPI, Essie, Kiara Sky, Angelacq, Sky Match Gel Hybrid Laquer, Orly, Color Club, Harmony Gelish, IGel, Cuccio Club, Nanacoco, IBD Nail Laquer
    • Color range: Vast color range, a lot of quality polishes to choose from
    • Customer engagement: Friendly, professional and engaging
    • Price range: Basic mani: $12 and pedi: $23. Special mani/pedi: $30


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  • In the VIP Chair: Hoboken Nails and Spa

    In the VIP Chair: Hoboken Nail & Spa

    Sep 7 • In The VIP Chair, Review • 599 Views

    In The VIP Chair salon reviews pedicure.com

    Hoboken Nail & Spa, Esthetics, 231 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

    Hoboken was a buzz of activity as our little family of three went for our afternoon walk. It was a beautiful day and the start of summer and after a crazy long work week, I needed an hour of ‘me’ time (a rarity these days). I came across Hoboken Nail & Spa and was impressed by the exceptional service I received as soon as I walked through the door. As my husband whisked our baby from my arms she began to scream (separation anxiety at its best). So here I was feeling guilty for being away from her for an hour and the staff could see it by the look on my face.

    They instantly went to work to ease my stress, first they offered to do my toes and fingers simultaneously to save time, second, they had fabulous massage chairs and suggested I have a mud mask and sugar scrub as an extension to my pedicure. I am glad I walked into this salon it was just what I needed, the mud mask and sugar scrub left my feet feeling soft and ready for sandal weather.  The foot massage was the perfect combination of firm and gentle strokes. I almost fell asleep in the chair (sleep was also a rarity these days with a teething baby).

    My nail technicians were quick and efficient, the selection and quality of polishes for this medium size salon were really very good. I choose a bright pink OPI polish for my toes Spare Me A French Quarter and Essie’s light pink Fiji for my fingers.

    The relaxing environment, attentive service, and exceptional polish job were just what I needed for my time out. My husband came back with our cheerful baby (who was over her separation anxiety and loved being at the park with her Daddy), and I was reminded that it is important to shake off Mommy guilt and always try to take an hour out for myself once in a while.

    Overall, the experience I had at this salon was incredible, so I added it to my list of salons to return to.

    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling

    • Ambiance: Relaxing
    • Cleanliness of salon: very clean
    • Polish: Manicure: Essie’s light pink Fiji, Pedicure: Spare Me A French Quarter (Retails $7-$10)
    • Polish job & chip factor: My toes lasted 2 weeks, however my manicure only lasted 3 days
    • Brands They Stock: Essie, CND, OPI, Essie, Dare to Wear & China Glaze
    • Color range: Good color range
    • Customer engagement: Offered exceptional service
    • Price range: Pedicure $20, Manicure & Pedicure $32 (with 10minute massage, mud mask & sugar scrub = $42), Manicure $12. For a $5 annual fee, you can become a member and receive a manicure & pedicure for $25

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