• men's color nail polish

    Nailing It: Color Me Manly

    Sep 21 • Nailing It • 231 Views

    So, it’s time to talk about a trend that’s been going on for some years yet still remains a bit “underground” when it comes to guys getting their nails done. I’m talking about getting colored nail polish. And we’re not talking on the toes that you can hide away. Yup, right on the fingers for all the world to see.

    Creative and fun to some while still odd and unsettling to others, the biggest question that most have when the topic comes up is simply “Why?” Well, there are lots of reasons…and many of them are the very same ones why women wear it: because they like it. They enjoy having nicer-looking nails. It’s creative, it adds personality, it’s a conversation starter and it promotes better care of one’s nails overall.

    Perhaps the real and most simply put attraction is that it’s just fun. You begin experimenting with a long-time favorite color or something subdued and find that it has a certain allure to it. Soon, you begin to notice it more on others and take notice of different colors that you like that you might want to try yourself. Surprisingly, it seems the name a certain color or shade is dubbed also seems to weigh in on deciding on a future color commitment.

    Aiding the growing trend is the number of celebrity men also jumping on board with it. Plenty of other men as of late have been seen wearing nail polish including Johnny Depp, Taye Diggs, Seal, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Darren Criss, Harry Styles and Jaden Smith.

    It’s no surprise, then, that a handful of nail polishes aimed specifically at men have emerged. Alpha Nail is one of the companies leading that charge and changing the perception of nail polish with its line of 10 nail polish products designed specifically for men. “Everything about our products is geared toward men. Instead of using a dainty feminine brush to apply the polish, our product is a pen with a simple click mechanism that is easy for men to use and doesn’t require toe separators,” Espley says. “We even use Citral and Ginseng, which specially help increase stability and prevent cracking in men’s nails. Our colors are very masculine, with both matte and metallic colors, along with a few nontraditional colors like Pirate Gold. Even our website makes it obvious that our products are for men.”

    Whether you’ve never tried a single shade or you’re up to a ten-bottle collection, giving color a whirl could be a fun and revolutionary experiment to try for yourself this fall. I mean, why the heck not?

    Check back here every other Friday for more reviews and tips on how guys are Nailing It when it comes to their grooming.

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  • nyfw inspired fall nails

    NYFW Inspired Fall Nails

    Sep 19 • Inspiration • 171 Views

    Fall is almost here and we are so ready for the cooler weather and what each season brings – new nail polish colors and new trends to play with! This year, we are loving some of the trends from NYFW and there are so many new polishes to recreate these looks on your nails. So, read on to be inspired by the next big colors and trends for Fall:

    A lot of NYFW shows had quite elaborate nail art, think bejeweled 3D accents, fringing and elaborate stamping. While these looks are fun for a fashion show, they’re not all that practical for day to day life. We loved some of the simpler trends like mixing up the classic French manicure as well as using neutrals to create negative space manicures.

    Spring and Summer are made for cute nail art, but I tend to tone it down a bit during the Fall and Winter months. Essie manicurist Julie Kandalec created three gorgeous looks using various Essie shades for the Tanya Taylor show, all of which use negative space to create a play on the classic French manicure. This trend that made the rounds during NYFW is perfect because it adds some flair without being too over the top. The Jenny Packham show featured negative space manicures with a gorgeous and subtle brown shade which we just love.

    To recreate these looks you’re going to need some gorgeous new polishes (at least that’s our excuse for shopping), so we’ve rounded up our favorite new polishes that we think will look just perfect with these looks. A dark red is a must every Fall/Winter, it’s a forever color that will never go out of style. Each year, nail polish brands bring out gorgeous new versions and formulas of this classic color, but our must-have this year is Chanel Le Vernis ‘Emblematique’.

    The classic darks for Fall are pretty much the same each year, but we have found some amazing twists on our most worn shades of purple, navy and dark brown for you to try. If you’re in the mood for a gorgeous vampy purple, try Deborah Lippmann ‘Love Hangover’. It’s a deep plum/mauve crème formula. It wouldn’t be right for us to not mention a glitter, so Essie ‘Dressed to the Nineties’ is our favorite color from the Essie Fall line. It is most amazing dark purple with blue/green shimmer through it creating an iridescent dream on your fingernails. The Tom Ford ‘Bitter Bitch’ is a coffee brown shade with an ode to the nineties and is so on-trend right now! It’s perfect for recreating the negative space manicure.

    Will you be rocking any of these NYFW looks on your nails this Fall? Or will you be sticking to the classic red manicure? Let us know by commenting below!



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  • labor day nails

    Our Top Nail Looks for the Unofficial End of Summer

    Aug 31 • Inspiration • 161 Views

    This Monday is Labor Day, commonly referred to as the ‘unofficial end of Summer’, so we’ve come up with the perfect nail art looks and polishes to transition from Summer to Fall.

    This Summer we have really been feeling the bright glitters, in line with the trend of metallic and foil prints in our Summer wardrobe. There’s no reason that glitter needs to end with the Summer months – we predict that the glitter trend is here to stay!

    A glitter polish I’m currently rocking on my toes that’s perfect for transitioning between seasons is OPI ‘Meet Me on the Star Ferry’. I love this polish because it is one of those tones that goes with everything and just adds a bit of fun. The combination of red, gold and pink glitter creates an amazing combination and will look great in Summer or Fall!

    The Nails Inc Easy Chrome Collection is full of gorgeous glitter shades. All the colors in this collection are slightly muted in brightness which is very well-suited for the cooler weather we have coming. The only problem is it might be too hard to choose which one to buy!

    OPI ‘Kyoto Pearl’  is the perfect way to keep your white mani going into Fall and technically it’s a shimmer polish so you won’t be breaking that Labor Day rule! But who says we need to follow that on our nails anyway?

    Another way to extend your Summer vibes into Fall with your manicure is by using touches of white within your nail art.

    We love this Mottled Rainbow Manicure, it’s just so cute! It’s easily achievable by using a straw to blow on your polish while it’s still wet, or by mottling it with cling wrap. Another gorgeous example of white in nail art is this Rose Gold and Nude Manicure.

    Finally, this White Glitter Ombré is just so cute and it combines the bright white of Summer with the sprinkling of snow that Fall and Winter will bring!

    Will you keep rocking the white mani after Labor Day? Or will you start to transition your nails into shades for Fall? Let us know by commenting below!



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  • pedicure guy price

    Nailing It: The Price of Being a Guy

    Aug 25 • Nailing It • 173 Views

    For guys who get regular manicures and pedicures, have you ever been at your staple nail salon and noticed that there’s a slight price discrepancy between a “regular” mani/pedi and a “man’s” mani/pedi? Now, we’re all for being chivalrous and, it’s true, statistically ladies still visit nail salons more than men, but aren’t all fingers and toes basically the same?

    That’s a question that’s been buzzing around a good majority of NYC nail salons, believe it or not. Many establishments have differentiated when it comes to gender and nail care. Though an extra $2 doesn’t seem like a huge price difference, those few dollars add up, especially for guys that regularly get their nails done. With men grooming their nails becoming a more popular urban ritual, salons have capitalized on this emerging market, charging guys up to $5 more than they would a woman on nail care services. However, it seems like that era is ending.

    Since 2015, over 150 New York City businesses have been fined for violating an uncommonly known proviso: gender-pricing discrimination. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs began cracking down on enforcement of the law last year when it issued 580 gender-pricing violations to salon establishments, more than double the 212 slapped wrists from the year before. And it wasn’t because the guys were tattling on them either! Almost all of the violations came from sweeps rather than complaints because salons weren’t rectifying the problem on their own. The fines for first-time violations range from $50 to $200 while those for multiple-time offenders are $100 to $500.

    The argument is that guys take more effort for manicurists to fully clean their nails. They’re hands are usually bigger and men hold the more dirty, gritty, physically laborious jobs that women usually don’t do, putting more wear on their hands and feet. We get that maintaining a business is hard when it comes to money, especially in NYC. But now the question now is, with the plethora of places asked to reevaluate their prices, will salons start charging women $12 for a manicure also, rather than letting the dudes in on the $10 deal? If so, it would legitimately make this new enforcement the most irritating stride toward gender equality in history. Fingers crossed, ladies.

    Check back here every other Friday for more reviews and tips on how guys are Nailing It when it comes to their grooming.

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  • clara nails Mamaroneck larchmont ny

    In The VIP Chair: Clara Nails Mamaroneck NY

    Aug 23 • In The VIP Chair • 163 Views

    I had just returned from a whirlwind yet lengthy trip to our homeland of NZ and Australia; exhausted from jet lag that left no member of our household untouched. Especially my beautiful 2-year old daughter who thought it was fun to sing and play all night for two weeks straight. We hadn’t even been back a week and my husband was off to Hawaii for a work conference after winning a prestigious employee award. Despite being so proud of him, I will admit that I was really jealous that he was jet setting off again while I dealt with sleepless nights by myself. Okay so honestly between us, I loved every minute of our beach trips, baby chinos (fluffy milk for toddlers that looks just like Momma’s coffee), chocolate ice cream treats and playground visits. It was a special time, just us girls, but by the time my husband returned home this Mommy was barely standing she was so exhausted.  

    I went straight out in search of a new salon that would pamper me and let me switch off for the next 45 minutes. I found the perfect place in Clara Nails. I walked through the back door (by mistake) and was greeted by the most friendly nail technician I have ever met. She talked me through the various pedicure options available and directed me to where I could choose my colors.

    I went with a ruby red tone for both my fingers and toes – Essie’s Apertif. I decided in the chair that I deserved an additional 20-minute reflexology massage, I mean the sign on the wall said that it “promotes exceptional health and well-being,” so it was in my best interests to have it done. It was amazing, incredible, like I had been whisked away to a place devoid of any responsibilities. I was completely relaxed.

    That soon changed once I got home and realized both my husband and daughter had been napping well past 5 PM (not ideal when battling jet lag and trying to get your toddler back into a routine). Anyhow, I highly recommend this salon, in fact, I asked to speak to the owner so I could tell her personally what a wonderful business she is running. The staff were all engaged and happy to be there, the spas were immaculate and the ventilation was impeccable.

    I will definitely be returning in the not too distant future.

    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling

    Ambiance: They had a happy vibe and played great upbeat music.

    Cleanliness of salon: Really clean and airy. The ventilation was impeccable I couldn’t even smell any nail products.

    Polish: Manicure and Pedicure: Essie’s Apertif. Retails $8-$10.

    Polish job & chip factor: Loved my polish job, my fingers lasted 5-days and my toes a 3-weeks!!

    Color range: Mid range of polishes, Essie, OPI, Essie Gel Couture, Color Club & Misa

    Customer engagement: Really friendly and professional. They seemed to love their jobs which came through in the amazing services they offered.  

    Price range:  Green tea spa pedicure: $50,  with 10 minute foot massage: $38, Manicure $8, pedicure $19, Special Manicure & pedicure: $27. They also offer Essie Gel for an additional $12

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  • top ten nails larchmont ny

    In The VIP Chair: Top Ten Nails Larchmont NY

    Aug 9 • In The VIP Chair • 242 Views

    It was a few days before a major holiday weekend and I had been putting off getting a mani and pedi until a day before I left on vacation so it could look fresh and vibrant. I walked into Top Ten Nails in Larchmont and was greeted by the latest and greatest pop music playing and a woman sitting behind what looked like an office reception desk. This salon is big and was so busy that I could not see a spare seat in the place. Despite this, they managed to squeeze me in, I literally went to choose my polish color (more on that later) and 5 seconds later they had found an available chair for me – now that’s efficient!

    I was surprised to see more conservative polish colors stocked – think reds, purples, blues, and tans, but no fun and fruity fluros or super bright/crazy colors. Let’s be honest, I’ve never been one for those types of colors myself but it is interesting to walk into a salon and see the polish colors that are stocked, it can lead to great insight into the demographic living or visiting that salon. And, yes I am always the marketer analyzing things like this. Take a look next time you go to get your nails done and let me know what you find.

    I had an amazing male nail technician who doubles as a massage therapist. When I found that out I opted for a 10-minute foot massage, which was so incredible. He used the perfect amount of pressure so that my ridiculously ticklish feet didn’t kick him in the face. Now that would have been embarrassing, not a first for me though.

    I chose OPI’s deep rich burgundy What’s The Hatter With You for my fingers, not a typical choice for this time of year but I’ve never been one for following seasons. For my toes, I went OPI’s  Koala Bear-Y a beautiful pink/berry color. My technician was meticulous and did such a fabulous job, I mean my pedicure lasted 5 weeks before it got a tiny chip – I believe that is a record.

    This was a really clean, fun and professional salon, I would definitely come back again.

    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling

    Ambience: Loud pop music, not relaxing, but had a fun atmosphere. Could be because it was the day before a major holiday weekend?

    Cleanliness of salon: Really clean, instruments came individually wrapped also which is a good sign

    Polish: Manicure OPI’s What’s The Hatter With You  and pedicure OPI’s  Koala Bear-Y– Retails $8-$10.

    Polish job & chip factor: Fabulous polish job, my fingers lasted 5-days and my toes a full 5-weeks!!

    Color range: Vast range of polishes, Essie, OPI, CND and OPI GelColor.

    Customer engagement: Professional greeting. Fun and Friendly nail technician.

    Price range:  Green Tea Manicure and pedicure with 10 minute foot massage: $38, regular pedicure $20, regular manicure $10, basic manicure and pedicure special $25

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  • nailing it cuticles

    Nailing It: Be Kind to Your Cuticles

    Aug 2 • Nailing It • 206 Views

    One of the most under-appreciated and under-cared for areas of your body is also one that, if not given the attention it needs, can have huge effects on your overall health. Say hello to your cuticles, the thin little layer of skin that runs all along the base of your nail beds. It’s been proven that if you don’t properly give your cuticles the care they deserve, your nails won’t just start to look abysmal; you could also end up in a world of pain. Luckily, keeping your cuticles up to par doesn’t take too much work.

    First, no matter how tempting it is, don’t pick away at your cuticles. They’re actually there for a reason. If the buildup becomes too much even for you, use a men’s cuticle tool like a cuticle remover or cuticle pusher to gently push back the skin. It’s best to do this after a shower, as the skin is much softer and easier to work with then.

    Next, cutting your nails too short is a big mistake many guys make. Right off the bat, if you go clipper-happy and cut too far down, the results can be extremely painful. Also, trimming them excessively short increases the risk of you getting a hangnail. As a general rule of thumb, cutting them just above where the nail starts turning pink is a good line to follow.

    You should know by now that you can’t use any old pair of scissors to trim your nails. And if you don’t know, now you do. Using the right nail tools helps reduce the risk of problems like ingrown nails, infections, and accidental cuts. The skin is so thin and sensitive around your nails, so you want to do everything in your power to avoid a painful situation. And whatever you do, DON’T BITE YOUR NAILS.

    Another thing to keep an eye out for is dried-out cuticles, which is a leading cause of unsightly hangnails. By moisturizing your hands regularly, you can keep your hands and nails hydrated and strong. Moisturizing also wards off aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, so make sure you’re applying some sort of deep moisturizing lotion at least once daily.

    With the proper care, you can avoid all the problems that neglecting your cuticles can cause. They may not seem like much, but they’re just as important as maintaining the rest of your body. Don’t skimp on the small stuff.

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • best of summer nails

    Best of Summer Nails Across the Globe

    Jun 28 • Inspiration • 394 Views

    Summer has arrived and we are so ready for hot weather, beach days and of course our summer manicures! To get you ready for this summer, we’re going to recap the best of summer nails across the globe! Globally, there was less of a focus on nail art and an increasing trend of polish effects. The chrome and holographic trend has arguably been the biggest polish trend this year and as a big fan of glitter/sparkle I am so up for that!

    Gigi Hadid kicked the trend off last May when she rocked a $2,000 chrome manicure to the Met Gala, sparking a global obsession with the ultra-metallic look. Chromes and metal shades were already pretty popular, with the rose gold trend spanning from homewares to fashion and beauty, but the chrome or holographic manicure is just that bit shinier and more glossy than what was already everywhere and the trend grew! The most popular version of the manicure that made waves online is achieved by applying a special top coat over a gel manicure, then wiping the holographic powder over the gelcoat then sealing with a top coat. Voila, you have ultra shiny, mermaid/spaceman nails!

    This trend is versatile because it looks different on everyone and can be completely customized to you. You can choose your nail shape, size & length and it alters the way the manicure looks. You can also choose different base coats which will affect how the holographic powder looks over the top.

    best summer nails

    This holographic mani from The Beauty Department  has a white base coat underneath and looks gorgeous and pearly, it really lets the powder do the talking!  

    best summer nails

    Another amazing holographic mani was this one from Nailaholic Life , combining rainbow holo nails with the most adorable unicorn nail art. I mean how cute can you get? We predict this trend will continue this Summer, with a variety of new colors and styles so we want to show you how to rock this trend with your at-home manicure!

    best summer nails

    The new range of Christian Louboutin Metalinudes, which while a bit on the pricey side, are just a gorgeous at-home alternative to the traditional holographic manicure. Plus, you could pay up to $50 to get your gel manicure done at the salon just once whereas this polish will last you a long time (at least that’s how we will justify it)! Lastly, it comes in three amazing shades and has limited edition packaging. What is not to love?

    best summer nails

    The Sally Hansen Color Therapy ‘Therapewter’ is such a unique holographic shade. It has tones of gold, silver and purple but overall is a lovely olive green/silver color. It is so different which is why we love it! Plus the color therapy range is infused with argan oil so is nourishing and moisturizing for your nail beds.

    best summer nails

    If you are after an affordable way to try out the holographic trend, look no further than Pure Ice ‘Eskimo Kiss’ which is a steal at $1.98 from Walmart. The shade ‘Eskimo Kiss’ just reminds me of mermaids and waves breaking on the shore, despite clearly being inspired by winter snow! It is a shade versatile for all seasons so you can keep rocking your holo mani all the way into the winter time. The Pure Ice range has a few different holographic inspired shades so you can splurge and buy a couple.

    What do you think? Will you be rocking the holographic manicure into this Summer? Or are you more of a traditional bright manicure fan? Let us know by commenting below!



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  • father's day gift ideas

    Nailing It: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Jun 14 • Nailing It • 340 Views

    Father’s Day is right around the corner, but there’s still time to give your Dad something that not only shows you care, but something he could probably use. There are a number of gift ideas that can help your old man spruce up his grooming regiment, and these might even give you some inspiration of how to pamper yourself too!

    1. Spa Day – What better way to pay back your Dad for all the things you put him through growing up than with a day of relaxation? And look no further than the guys-only Hey Man Day Spa at 226 West 4th Street in New York City, tucked in the basement of a West Village apartment building. If your Dad is in need of some muscle work, he’s in luck! Hey Man specializes in knot-melting massages with five different styles: Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology and tui na, an ancient Chinese technique said to improve blood and energy flow. If you need more than just the kinks in your shoulders attended to, you can bundle an hour-long rubdown with other treatments such as a combo manicure-pedicure, a half-hour facial or a 60-minute body scrub that exfoliates your skin with honey and seaweed to combat aging dry skin.

    2. Groom It Out – If you want to upgrade your Dad’s grooming, head on over to The Art of Shaving’s website and check out their special Father’s Day gift packages, like the Sandalwood Full Size Kit. It comes with everything Dad will need for that next night on the town! The Full Size Kit includes all four elements of their signature Perfect Shave: Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, a Shaving Brush and their special After-Shave Balm. The combination of these quality ingredients, handcrafted accessories and expert shaving technique provides optimal closeness while helping ward against ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks and cuts, while leaving behind a soft and smooth face. Plus it comes with a free 30ml cologne. Dad’s looking pretty good for his age!

    3. De-hair & Detox – Summer is basically here and even Dad needs to get that body hair touched up for hitting the beach. Take him over to Mortal Man on 135 West 28th Street, a guy-grooming experience not easily replicated. Owner Anna Augustsson is legendary for her near-ouchless waxing, and she’ll painlessly defuzz you from your ears and shoulders right down to your back and legs. Augustsson personally attends to every client herself, meaning your Dad will get all the individualized care he deserves including some more odd treatments like wax-clearing ear candling or an ionic detox footbath, which is said to draw toxins out through the feet. Dad will be summer ready before he knows it!

    4. Travel Ready – Does your Dad love to travel or go on trips more now in his golden years? Well, make sure he’s looking his best abroad with the Perry Ellis Men’s Portfolio 10-Piece Grooming Travel Gift Set from Macy’s. This imported kit is perfect for keeping your Dad on the go looking sleek and smooth at all times. It includes a lint brush, black plastic comb, 3-way knife, cuticle pusher, toe nail clipper, nail clipper, tweezers, file, eyeglass repair kit and scissors, plus fits right into any carry-on or overnight bag. Go, Dad, go!

    No matter what you end up getting for Dad, he’ll feel great knowing that you just want him looking his best wherever he goes. Happy Father’s Day!

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • manscape

    Nailing It: Putting The “Man” In Manscape

    Jun 10 • Nailing It • 454 Views

    In modern society, it’s not only women who have constant pressure put on them to be at the top of their game when it comes to their body and beauty. From the chiseled half-naked men plastered on billboards and the newfound obsession society has with “male beauty,” guys are almost neck and neck with that of their female counterparts when it comes to living up to a high beauty standard. No longer are nail polish, hair color and even makeup limited to the 1970’s memories of the David Bowie glam rock era or the gothic Adam Lambert “guyliner” craze. The modern idea of male perfection is less about glitz and sparkle or intense black eyes and more so about pushing the regiments that women have done seemingly forever. Leading the way are celebrities like Johnny Depp, who regularly sports polish, eyeliner and foundation, and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, who allegedly once sported lipstick to one of the boy band’s film premieres.

    The dominoes continued to fall as famous fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford launched male cosmetic products, continuing the trend’s upward climb, as well as a slew of polishing, smoothing, trimming and hair removing products specifically geared towards guys. According to a Co-Operative Pharmacy survey of 2,000 people, half of the men between the ages of 18 and 55 admit to being the now-celebrated neologism “metrosexual.”

    However, despite the rise of male grooming trends, lovingly nicknamed “manscaping” for those unaware, many men are still embarrassed to admit to using beautification products. The stigma of the “macho” male continues to permeate even the most liberal of societies, leaving much to be overcome in regards to male nail and skin care practices being viewed as normal as when a female does it. After all, the motivations of manscaping boil down to the same human trait as women: most of us want to look like those guys in the Armani and Abercrombie ads.

    According to an article about male body image from The Huffington Post, 37% of the men they questioned said that they would sacrifice at least one year of their life in exchange for obtaining the perfect body. That number has surely grown as this “Adonis complex,” the obsession with achieving society’s idea of the perfect male figure, is one of the biggest factors of growing trends in male cosmetology. Men are now experiencing what women have dealt with since the Rolling Stone covers of the 1960’s: there’s a nearly impossible over-sexualized standard society tells us we should achieve with our bodies.

    Despite the industry’s attempts to finally flip the tables on men, us guys have to remember that just because you clip your nails, smooth your feet or use wrinkle prevention cream, doesn’t devalue your masculinity. Society’s idea of the modern male may include porcelain skin, expertly plucked eyebrows and a chiseled physique, but the motivation of manscaping should be for individual expression and to achieve higher self-confidence, knowing that although you may not be the flawless guy in the Calvin Klein ads, you don’t need to be because you’re perfectly YOU. Like that old saying says, true beauty still remains skin deep.

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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