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    Nailing It: Maintenance Matters

    Apr 20 • Nailing It • 71 Views

    So it’s been a couple of weeks since your last manicure. Normally you wouldn’t worry, but you’ve got that big romantic date tonight followed by that really important meeting with your boss in the morning.

    What do you do when your nails are just a tad too long for a firm handshake or aren’t smooth enough to confidently caress your date’s hand? Oh, and to top it off you have no time to go and get a professional manicure done.

    Sometimes doing your own manicure maintenance is a great way to lengthen the life of what you got done at the salon, as well as being a fast fix to keep your hands presentable. Here are a few simple tips to try when you need to do a quick DIY manicure:

    Step 1: Tools. Let’s not talk about the eminent disaster using your teeth and paper scissors to trim your nails will cause. Pop into a Duane Reade or Walgreens for their Crafted Imports Men’s Grooming Kit, a $25 lifesaver. Not only do you get a decent pair of clippers and a metal nail file, but it also comes with nose scissors, a lint brush, a razor and a comb. It’s everything you’ll need to clean up your look in a pinch.

    manicure maintenance grooming kit

    Step 2: Trimming. This step brings you back to the good ol’ days of clipping your own claws. The easiest way to do it? Follow the white nail line as best you can with a steady hand.

    Step 3: Filing. Yes, guys file their nails too. File down the edges until they are rounded and neat. This prevents the creation of jagged edges, which stresses the nails. The pointed end of the file also serves as a pick to scrape out any leftover dirt that cutting the nails didn’t uncover.

    Step 4: Rinse. There’s dirt and nail dust everywhere and we need to seal the job you just did, so run your hands under some water and dry them thoroughly.

    Step 5: Moisturize. Nothing combats rugged hands like a lotion designed to tackle the guys. Jack Black’s $15 ‘Industrial Strength’ Hand Healer combats the toughest skin to go deep and not only softens hands but heals them as well, promoting even smoother skin in the future.

    maincure maintenance hand healer

    And you’re done! You’ve successfully thrown your manicure a life ring. Give yourself a pat on the back with your refreshed, just-like-new nails.

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • easter nails inspiration

    Easter Nails Inspiration

    Apr 12 • Inspiration • 107 Views

    Who doesn’t love Easter time? All the pastel colors and adorable chicks and bunnies just bring a smile to my face! Here at Pedicure.com, we are big fans of a themed manicure. So for Easter, we’ve rounded up our five top looks from Pinterest to inspire your Easter nail art! There’s something for everyone, from detailed nail art to simple pastel and spots. So read on and be inspired!

    Pastel Mani

    pastel mani easter nails inspiration

    Want to embrace the pastels but don’t want your nails to look too cheesy? This mani is perfect!

    Two Way Bunny Tutorial

    pastel mani easter nails inspiration

    Who can go past this adorable tutorial, with two different options for your rabbit you cannot go wrong!

    Pink Bunny

    pink bunny easter nails inspiration

    There is nothing we don’t love about this look, hot pink, chevron AND a cute bunny. It’s almost too good!

    Easter Egg Mani

    easter egg mani nails inspiration

    This egg-inspired feature nail is just adorable, and with a dotter and striper brush, it’s easy to recreate yourself.

    Easter Mani

    easter mani nails inspiration

    To me this is the ultimate Easter manicure, it’s got everything, the pastels, bunnies, daisies AND eggs!

    Will you be using any of these as your Easter mani inspiration? Let us know on social media @PedicureDotCom!




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  • victoria nails new york

    In The VIP Chair: Victoria Nails New York, NY

    Apr 6 • In The VIP Chair • 204 Views

    In The VIP Chair salon reviews pedicure.com

    My polish chipped after one day. You can imagine my frustration as I had a few events to go to and needed my nails to be perfectly manicured. The crazy thing is I cannot work out why my nails chipped so easily. So let me take a few step backs so I can understand how they became so destroyed after one day.

    I walked up the stairs to Victoria Nails located on the second floor of 379 Park Ave, no easy feat after herniating a disc in my back, that pain is serious. I was grateful for the helpful staff who took my coat and led me to a manicure station. That was after I choose my color, a smoky deep steel blue Zoya polish called Natty. Their polish selection was vast and I was impressed they carried a small range of Zoya polishes which are normally ultra-long wearing.

    Their pricing strategy was interesting as they charged by the polish you choose. For instance, if you chose OPI or Essie, it was $10 for a manicure, Zoya was $15 and Essie Gel Couture was $17. My nail technician did a great job and used the Zoya base and top coat to compliment my manicure. This is why I don’t understand why my nails chipped after one day. Whenever I paint my nails with Zoya at home, it lasts at least four to five days, not one.

    Despite this, the service I received was good. My technician even gave me a shoulder and neck rub for a few extra minutes while my nails dried. I would go back to this salon, it was old but seemed to be clean. All of the instruments were individually packaged and sanitized and the nail technicians were all wearing masks. I will keep you posted if I work out why my polish chipped so quickly.


    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling

    Ambience: Busy, not relaxing (maybe because I was in a rush – what else is new, I feel like I am always rushing)

    Cleanliness of salon: Clean, with individual wrapped and sanitized instruments. The staff was well presented. The restroom had numerous bleach containers and cleaning products stacked on top of each other, so clearly they like to clean.

    Polish: Manicure: Zoya Natty – Retails $10 CND

    Polish job & chip factor: polish chipped after 1 day

    Color range: Vast range of quality polishes, Essie, OPI, CND & Zoya

    Customer engagement: friendly, engaged and offered great customer service

    Price range:  Special manicure & pedicure: $30, regular pedicure $22, regular manicure $10. Zoya: manicure $17, pedicure $27. Essie Gel Couture: manicure $17, pedicure $29

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  • men's clear nail polish

    Nailing It: Let’s Get One Thing Clear

    Mar 31 • Nailing It • 167 Views

    Often times when a guy is finishing up those last details of getting a manicure, a question comes up from the nail technician that can throw some guys for a loop if they’re not prepared for it: “Would you like clear polish?” For most falling under the “macho” men classification, the answer is usually a quick “no.” Or you may smile, perhaps even consider it for a second, but then decline. Clear polish is obnoxiously shiny and only women get polish on their nails…right?

    It’s no secret that adding a topcoat to you manicure and pedicure can lengthen its longevity and better protect your nails from getting chipped, avoiding that jagged edge that snags on your socks when you’re pulling them up, which we guys just love. It also improves nails’ luster, making duller colorless nails look healthier and stronger. It’s understandable that men shy from the shine, and nail care companies have started to take notice. EvolutionMan, an LA-based collection of men’s grooming products, offers a quick-dry Pure Matte Nail Varnish that both seals your mani/pedi and leaves your nails sans the shimmering finish. And at $14 a bottle, it’s nothing that will break your bank either.

    Even companies who specialize in regular color polish usually marketed towards women are jumping on the male grooming bandwagon. Orly has seen a 20 percent increase in sales for their Nails For Males Finisher, despite its fluorescent purple cap. This $10 polish leaves a semi-visible finish, noticeable yet still abundantly flatter than the average clear polish. Orly has also said that they are working to expand their men’s nail care line due to the increased interest.

    Clear polishes like these are great alternatives to the salon’s usual glossy option and there is zero shame in bringing your own personal selection of polish with you and asking if they could apply that one at the end instead. Just make sure to be nice when you tip

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • pop of color kristen taekman

    One Coat Wonder: Polish That Lasts Days!

    Mar 22 • News, Review • 641 Views

    I broke one of the golden nail rules “that one must never polish fingers or toes before bed for fear of crumpled indents from the sheets.”

    However, one could be forgiven for breaking said rule when a beautiful box of polishes arrives on your doorstep the same day your cheeky 2-year old locks you out of the house on a freezing cold New York winter’s morning, in the pouring rain no less. Like any mother desperate to get back into the house, I ran in my pajamas, bare feet squishing in the mud while trying to keep my toddler warm in my arms to our neighbor’s house for help.

    So as you can imagine when professional model and former Real Housewives of New York City Kristen Taekman Pop of Color polish line arrived, I was eager to try all of the bright colors, once my little darling was tucked up in bed for the night.

    pop of color kristen taekman

    Kristen Taekman launches Pop of Color.

    The first thing I noticed was the beautiful even consistency of the polish, and how the brush seemed to glide effortlessly across my nails. The color pigment is rich despite it being 5-free, as well as paraben, cruelty-free and vegan.

    After trying all of the colors I chose an electric blue hue Lure for my quick DIY mani. I was exhausted and feeling a little lazy so I swiped one coat of Zoya Anchor Base Coat and one coat of Pop of Color Lure. It was so easy to apply and super quick to dry, which is perfect for someone like me who is busy and a little impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry.

    Despite ‘indents from my sheets pictured on my nails,’ Pop of Color didn’t chip for 6 days. I couldn’t believe it and that was with just one coat. It made sense that Taekman would make a polish that was 5-free, with rich color that lasts for days given she is a busy working Mom who gets that there is a need for a high-performance polish like this in the market. She said her favorite Pop of Color is Cry Baby named after her daughter who at the time was going through her terrible two’s (I am right there with you). It is also the only color that has a matching liquid matte gloss.

    Taekman was across every little detail in creating her polish line, from researching various formulas to the bottle shape, color and even making sure that the brush contained the perfect amount of bristles to allow for even strokes. When I asked Taekman what is next for her thriving beauty brand she said that she sees Pop of Color expanding from nail polishes and lipsticks into glosses, blush and even eye shadows.

    Pop of Color polishes retail for around $8 and their lipsticks for $14.99, you can get find them in beauty chain store Ricky’s NYC and Cibo Markets and OTG stores in airports.

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  • st patrick's day nail art tutorial

    St Patrick’s Day Nail Tutorial

    Mar 16 • Hints & Tips • 208 Views

    St Patrick’s Day is coming up and if you, like us, are a fan of a themed manicure then keep reading. Whether you have Irish heritage or just want to take part in the celebrations, we have a great tutorial for you! It’s quick, easy and if you want to go for the simple version it doesn’t require any tools! So grab your green polish and let’s go.

    We used CND ‘Carou-Celery’, Australis ‘Speck-Tacular’ and Kester Black ‘Frizzy Logic’ but you can easily substitute in whichever green, gold and holographic or glitter topcoat you want. If you want to go for the complex version, the only tool you will need is a dotter and if you don’t have one of those, you can use a toothpick or a bobby pin.

    1. Start with your base coat (duh!)

    2. Then, paint your nails with two coats of your chosen green and gold on your ring finger.

    st patrick's day nail art design

    3. Use your holographic or glitter top coat to add a bit of glitz to each finger (except your ring finger).

    st patrick's day nail art design

    4. Seal with a top coat and then repeat on your other hand.

    st patrick's day nail art design

    5. (Optional) If you want to add a bit of extra fun to your mani, grab a dotter and you can make an easy and cute four leaf clover! Simply paint four dots close together and then paint a thin stripe out from the centre. Voila!

    Will you be rocking this look on Paddy’s Day? Share your St Patrick’s Day manicure with us by commenting below!




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  • nail house larchmont ny salon review

    In The VIP Chair: Nail House Larchmont, NY

    Mar 8 • In The VIP Chair • 272 Views

    In The VIP Chair salon reviews pedicure.com

    Life has gotten out of control busy, it is already the middle of March and it has been months since I had a mani/pedi or even had time to conduct a salon review. It is fair to say that my nails are a mess after the brutal winter we are still encountering.

    My last review took place in a delightful mid-sized salon in Larchmont NY, around Christmas time. We had just experienced freezing temperatures and my two-year-old cherub was desperate to get outside and play on the swings at the local park. I enlisted the help of my husband to take our little darling while I took some time to investigate the local nail salon. I love my job, a great excuse to get some alone time and a bit of pampering all under the banner of work.

    Upon entering the salon I was first surprised at a large table filled to the brim with Christmas hampers and gifts from happy customers to the staff. A good sign to see that they are loved by their customers and that the salon was very busy. Every seat was taken and the air was filled with the bustling chatter of Christmas and the sound of carols. I felt a surge of excitement take over my stressed out mind as I thought of my own Christmas plans with my little family.

    I wanted to stay with the Christmas theme so choose OPI’s deep red color – Got The Blues for Red for my toes and opted for CND Vinylux Decadence nail lacquer for my fingers. I wanted my nails to last a little longer than my average 3-5 days. Sad to say my fingers chipped within a few days. Maybe it was all of those Christmas dishes I did.

    My nail technician was so friendly and really engaging, she did a great job polishing my nails. The complimentary hot stone massage on my feet was incredible as was the service. A few different technicians helped me get my boots on (not ideal footwear for a pedi) and my coat. They worked as a team and even gave me a Christmas gift as I left. I had a great experience and would definitely return.


    Until next time,

    Ruth Shelling

    Ambience: Relaxing jazz music (carols), 2 TV screens on the wall and bustling with excitement

    Cleanliness of salon: Clean and organized. The staff were well presented with grey satin bibs over their clothes

    Polish: Manicure: OPI’s deep red color – Got The Blues for Red. Pedicure: CND Vinylux Decadence Nail Lacquer

    Polish job & chip factor: fingers chipped within 3 days and toes 7 days

    Color range: medium color range of quality polishes

    Customer engagement: friendly, engaged and offered great customer service

    Price range:  Special Mon – Wed: manicure and pedicure: $23, pedicure: $20, manicure: $10, Vinyl Luxe extra $3,  French: $14, value pack: spa manicure and spa pedicure with a 10min massage $50

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  • spring nails nail art designs

    Get Your Nails Spring-Ready!

    Mar 1 • Hints & Tips • 302 Views

    Spring is nearly here and you know what that means? Our hands and feet will be free of layers, letting our manis and pedis shine! There are some gorgeous new colors and trends for you to rock this Spring, especially those inspired by the Pantone color of 2017. But before you show off your Spring manis and pedis, you might need a little detox to get those hands and feet ready to be on show.

    If you’ve been wearing gloves and cozy socks for the past few months you may be suffering from dry or callused skin, so guess what? You need to pamper yourself before Spring arrives! Worry not, we have the perfect way to do this! To give your hands a little bit of love, try out this hand rub recipe which will keep them hydrated well into Spring. Rub one teaspoon of almond oil into your hands and cuticles then wrap each hand in a small towel or place each hand in a clean sock. Allow the oil to penetrate your skin for at least five minutes (to spoil yourself even more, do this in the bath). Wipe the excess oil off your hands, but don’t wash it off as any remaining oil will be absorbed within the next few minutes. Voila, your hands and cuticles will be gorgeously soft and ready for your Spring Mani! Don’t forget about your feet! A while back we wrote this article on five DIY foot scrub recipes which are all amazing, so give one of them a try.

    What colors will you choose for the first Spring mani and pedi? Well let us give you a guide to what we think will be the hit colors of Spring.

    Every year at around this time, brands release their Spring polish lines, which tend to be pretty similar. Pastels, nudes etc. etc. However this year, we are LOVING the different trends for you to rock, strongly influenced by this year’s Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery – a gorgeous bright yellow/green shade. Spring brings a brighter mood and color palette to our wardrobe, so this year we are loving mixing contrasting bright colors. Colors that you wouldn’t normally mix are now on trend, bright blue and dark red, bright green and hot pink, orange and purple. You name it! A nail kit that fits in PERFECTLY with this trend is the Butter London Pantone Nail Lacquer Set which comes with four travel sized polishes for only $19. A trend that has followed on from Winter is bold metallics, copper, silver and gold look gorgeous on your fingers and toes. To rock this look we love OPI ‘Cozu-Melted In The Sun’ a gorgeous rose gold polish. All in all we are loving the Spring 2017 trends and cannot wait for our first Spring mani/pedi combo!


    Are you as excited as we are for some warmth (finally)? Will you be rocking any of these polishes for your first mani or pedi of Spring? Let us know by commenting below!




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  • Men's grooming

    Nailing It: Grooming Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away

    Feb 15 • Nailing It • 278 Views

    Staying in good health isn’t just an important task in life, it’s becoming more and more apparent that what we do to our bodies greatly affects how we function and age. With a constant bombardment of health tips or pressure to watch your diet and exercise, it’s surprising how many people don’t know one simple way to improve the overall health of your entire body. And it’s not just hitting the gym.

    Getting a manicure and pedicure takes a multi-pronged approach when tackling the issue of staying in good health. Your hands are one of the most exposed areas of your body and are daily weathered by dirt and grime that sometimes a simple hand washing may not scrub out. When you get a manicure, your cuticles and nail beds get an extra deep cleaning as hard to reach dirt that can get embedded behind and around the nails is scraped out. Trapped dirt that isn’t taken care of can often lead to unsightly problems down the line for your hands.

    Your feet naturally take regular beatings all day, whether you’re trekking to and from work or pounding the treadmill. This can create uneven skin and callouses on the bottoms of your feet. Pedicures exfoliate these conditions away, which ultimately helps distribute your weight more evenly and keep you more balanced. This can also reduce leg and back pain for those who depend on their feet to keep them upright for long periods of time.

    The oils and moisturizers that are massaged in during a mani/pedi don’t just feel good, they actually help improve blood flow to the extremities, which can diminish aches and pains and help your body circulate heat in the cold days of winter.

    One of the most serious problems cleaning your nails can prevent are fungal infections that grow under the nails. If not caught early, they can discolor and eat away at your nails, sometimes needing special lasers to remove the fungus. Getting manicures and pedicures don’t just help stop these from happening, but are a surefire way to catch anything starting to develop early so it can be treated.

    Your body’s health is a great thing to stay on top of. Regular mani/pedis promote lasting health benefits, not to mention keep your hands looking sharp when you go to grab those kale chips.

    Be sure to check back here regularly for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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  • valentine's day nails art inspiration

    Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspiration

    Feb 10 • Hints & Tips • 303 Views

    Valentine’s Day is here again and whether you’re a single pringle or loved up, we know you’re going to want on-point nails! That’s what we’re here for! We have rounded up our top five looks for V-Day manis from Pinterest so your nails can look their best.

    This amazing glitter manicure with a heart accent nail is a gorgeous look for Valentine’s Day! This mani can easily be achieved with your favorite glitter top coat and contrasting color. You can recreate the heart with scotch tape stencil or a striper brush.

    valentine's day nail art inspiration

    This second manicure is similar to our top fave (can you see the trend we are following this year?). If glitter isn’t really your thing, this pared back version is the way to go. You just need your go-to nude or pink, a white and a glitter. If you really don’t want to go for the glitter, just use the main color for the heart.

    valentine's day nail art inspiration

    This subtle nod to Valentine’s day is just adorable if people weren’t looking too closely at your manicure they could mistake it for just a subtle nude color! This is for those wanting a less ‘in-your-face’ look. You can create the hearts using a dotter tool or a toothpick.


    If pink isn’t really your thing, try this black and red glitter combination. The heart on the accent nail really stands out from the black base coat and the gradient on the other nails just brings it all together.

    valentine's day nail art inspiration

    If you want a glitter look but are not a fan of hearts, or aren’t confident with nail art – this one is for you! This gorgeous pink manicure with a glitter accent nail is romantic and sweet but doesn’t require too much effort or skill. Perfect for those wanting a Valentine’s mani that is easy and quick.

    Finally, if nail art isn’t your things, try these decals from Nordstrom for only $10.00 They are sure to set your nails out from the crowd!

    What do you have planned for your Valentine’s Day manicure? Are you going to be recreating one of these looks? Let us know by commenting below!



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