Move over matching Lips and Tips; ShadeScout lets you match your polish to ANYTHING!

Matching your Lips and Tips is so 2014, the new app ShadeScout lets you match your nail polish to anything you see, literally! Here in the Pedicure Office, we consider ourselves pretty tech-savvy, so when we heard about ShadeScout we got pretty darn excited! Our editor, Mette, has been known to match her polish to her outfits, handbags and shoes so this app gives us even more opportunities to do so.

The app works by getting you to take a picture of whatever color you want to find, then it gives you different polish options to choose from. Next pick a color that matches your skin tone and the closest nail shape to your own so you can preview what it would look like if you wore the polish. Not only that but it has an in-app purchase option so you can find the perfect polish, preview it and buy it all in five minutes on your smartphone. Just like magic!

The app has over 25 popular brands currently and is available for both Android and iPhone, but isn’t available outside of the U.S. store yet, our Australian editor is hoping this changes very soon! If you need inspiration for your weekend mani/pedi, give it a go and tell us how you went

The Pedicure Team

Mette Jorgensen

Our Editor Mette is a fan of a glitter manicure, she can often be found pleading with her manicurist for just one more coat to achieve the ultimate sparkle. She's Australian so forgive her for occasionally writing in British English.

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