Finding your perfect nude nail polish

Nothing says chic like perfectly manicured nude nails. There’s a time and a place for red, for black, for navy, and for nail art, but nude is suitable for any occasion and goes with every outfit. But how do you find the right nude nail polish for you? With hundreds of shade options it can be completely overwhelming, and the wrong shade will look, well, wrong.

Like finding foundation, this can sometimes be a little trial and error. In fact, it’s very much like foundation in that it has to do with matching your skin tone! You should know what to look before before you head to the store – if you have fair skin with pinkish undertones, you’ll want to look for a nude that has yellow or blue to counteract that redness. If the color you choose makes your cuticle look too pronounced, then it’s time to swap it. A good guide is if your cuticle looks too dark then you chose a shade that’s too pink. If your cuticle looks really red, you chose something with too much blue in it. Don’t be afraid to swatch a few options in store (this is where Sephora’s nail bar is handy) and then step outside into natural light to get a better look.

Not only are there lots of shades to chose from, you need to know your formulas. Think of it like pantyhose – a sheer is only going to give a light wash of color, while an opaque will be full color. Layer on a matte topcoat and the shade that didn’t look quite right is suddenly dulled down and works a treat. Same goes for a high gloss topcoat – it can completely transform a polish.

Remember, you can always DIY by layering different shades to create your perfect look – much like many women do with foundation. And once you find your perfect shade, buy multiples! Handy hint – when you go to the salon, take your own just in case they don’t have it.

Some of our favorites:

Nails Inc Basil Street $9.50

Nails Inc Basil Street Finding your perfect nude nail polish

Dior Safari Beige $24
Dior Safari Beige Finding your perfect nude nail polish

Marc Jacobs Funny Girl $18

Marc Jacobs Funny Girl nail polish Finding your perfect nude nail polish

Butter London Yummy Mummy $15

butter london yummy mummy Finding your perfect nude nail polish

Sephora Collection Nude Shot $5

Sephora nude shot Finding your perfect nude nail polish

JINsoon Nostalgia $18
Jinsoon nostalgia Finding your perfect nude nail polish

Deborah Lippmann Sheer Naked $17
Deborah Lippmann Finding your perfect nude nail polish.

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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