In The VIP Chair: Color Nail Spa, 238 W 14th St, New York, NY

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You know those days when you have the most important business meeting of your career and the rain is relentless and you are ducking umbrellas and trying not to slide out in your stilettos? Well, that day was the day I also chipped a nail yet had 20 minutes to spare (a rarity these days I must admit). Now, you would think getting a quick manicure on those days would not be the focus but I am a person who believes no matter what is going on around you if you have an important meeting or event then everything from polished shoes to perfected nails should be a priority in how you present yourself. Harder to do now that I am juggling a business and a very active toddler.

So I ran into Color Nail Spa on 14th street in Manhattan as it was opening so literally was only one of two people in the rather large salon. It seemed clean and all attention was on me as I quickly chose a deep purple/blue/maroon tone to compliment my tailored outfit. You have to love Essie’s ‘Wicked’, a perfect choice for the start of winter. I only wanted a quick manicure and my technician was brilliant. She had my fingers looking respectable in 10 minutes, in fact, it took longer to dry my nails than to do them. Which is kind of crazy considering I paid extra for quick dry – hands up if you hate paying extra for that? Yes, me too! Overall, this salon was clean, the staff were friendly and for what I needed they did a great quick polish job.


Until next time,

Ruth Shelling


Ambience: Medium to large salon, they had just opened so it was hard to tell what the ambience would be throughout the day. During my time it was really quiet.

Cleanliness of salon: Clean

Polish: Manicure Essie ’Wicked’ (Retails $7-$10)

Polish job & chip factor: Polish job reasonable, my first chip appeared after a few days after

Color range: Great range of polishes

Customer engagement: Friendly and engaging

Price range: Manicure $12, Pedicure $20, Manicure & Pedicure $30

Ruth Shelling

As the Publisher for, Ruth has 20-years of media, marketing, and sales experience. Currently, she writes the quirky and funny column In the VIP Chair with Ruth Shelling that is all about the crazy salon experiences she has throughout Manhattan and New Jersey.

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