MBFWA Wrap Up with Faby and CND!

MBFWA aka Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was held in Sydney from the 15th to the 20th of May and boy were there some lovely manicures! We were lucky enough to get some behind the scenes pictures and explanations from Faby and CND who provided the manicures for some amazing brands. So, read on for our wrap up of what was an awesome Fashion Week in Sydney!

Ginger and Smart

MBFWA Faby Ginger and Smart

The nails chosen for the collection were to symbolise the vast emptiness of space. The amazing FABY color, ‘This is My Style’; a sheer nude with a touch of twinkle was painted on the hands and a solid flesh toned nude, ‘The Desert Rose’ on the toes.


MBFWA Wrap Up with Faby and CND!

FABY’s last show for day 2, AJE an edgy modern twist on 70s fashion.  AJE took us back the hippy revolution where everything was carefree.  We were more free-spirited and free-loving. The hair and make-up was also free spirited and effortless, boasting a sense of innocence and positive outlook for the future. Hair was scrunched and free-flowing. The make-up was paired back highlighting only natural features with strong emphasis on brows. There were 5 different nail looks to reflect the theme of independence and choice. The five Faby colors chosen were-

  • Black edgy look – FABY’s Black is Black
  • Shimmer & Shine – FABY’s The Colours of the Light
  • Raw and Ready – FABY’s Matte Top Coat
  • Midnight Blue – FABY’s Black is Black with Paris by Night overlay
  • Khaki and Edgy – FABY’s AC or DC


MBFWA Faby Macgraw

The theme was french royality, opulant and decant. So the hair and make-up was pretty, feminine and innocent. The hair was curled and bouncy. The make-up was soft, dewy and girl-next-door with added freckles. With the nails, they channelled Grace Kelly using FABY’s most popular pale pink – ‘Soft Pink’ by FABY. The Pedicure Team have this color in their collection and can attest to the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous!!

 Akira Isogawa

MBFWA Faby Akira

Recognised for his signature colour tones; ivory, ruby red and navy, Akira Isogawa broke tradition by adding a new non-colour palette – white – as the signature shade to his collection. This new direction for Akira was celebrated in the make-up and nails. The hair was pulled back and pinned down with an androgynous tone. White liner was added to the eyes leaving the rest of the face neutral and natural with bright pop lipstick. The nail color ‘Optical White’ by Faby was topped with a Matte Top Coat to ensure the nails polished off the overall look.


MBFWA Faby Tome

The much anticipated TOME parade showcased a directional shift for the designing duo. Show theme ; a Modern take on Nina Simone. The hair hung loose and straight with a southen style black turban. The make-up was contoured and highlighted with a soft satin finish. Swarovski crystals dotted along the brows and upper lash line in a modern shape. Nails and toes were dark and dangerous using FABY’s ‘What Are You Doing Tonight’. With a Swarovski crystal featured at the base of each finger nail and on the big toe nail.

Gail Serronda

Gail Sorronda’s 2016 Collection ‘Heart Frequency’ is inspired by the styling of the 1920’s, using a Ferrari red infusion of colour to complement Sorronda’s signature use of black and white. ‘1920’s Ferrari Red’ was the nail brief given to CND stylists. Medium length round nails were given two coats of CND VINYLUX classic red, ‘Wildfire’, to really set hearts racing.

Gary Bigeni

Gary Bigeni’s 2016-17 collection sees classic shapes blend with fresh silhouettes full of texture and twist. Cotton and linen blends make garments easy to wear. Crisp stripes and polka dot prints developed with Australian artist Matthew Johnson add pops of colour. Medium length round nails were slicked with two coats of CNDTM VINYLUX ‘Cream Puff’ and finished with a punchy, bright off-centre polka dot in CREATIVE PLAY Nail Lacquer ‘Royalista’.

What do you think? Comment below with your favorite look from our MBFWA Sydney wrap up!



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