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    The day the report cards were distributed was Saturday night. Next week, college students and I will not have to think about going to campus. That’s the good thing about being a student, and taking special vacations doesn’t have to worry about anything, because all your parents are paying for the fun. Long story short, that night I was invited to come to Millie’s birthday party. Yes… that day coincided with Millie’s 20th birthday.

    Actually I’m not very close to Millie, yes, even though I was in first grade, but I rarely talk to her. Why was I cerita dewasa invited to that night, because I was close to Andre, the same friend as Melly.

    Sex story, André is my best friend, he is my classmate so far. Even though I am close to Andre, I am not close to Andre’s own friends. Genk Andre is practically slang for kids on campus, and there are 3 boys and 3 girls: Melly, Sella, Sasa, Hadi, Ari and Andre. They are the most beautiful and beautiful creatures on campus. Miley returns to Hadi, and Sila is Ari’s friend and Sasa is Andre’s friend.