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    Fishing involves a hook? Not necessarily. With the new trend sport magnetic fishing or magnetic fishing you can do without traditional fishing equipment. This is due to the fact that the loot in the "treasure hunt" is also significantly different from that of conventional fishing. This makes magnetic fishing even suitable for animal lovers and people who do not like to eat fish. And with good luck, you’re pulling real treasures like coins or militaria out of the water.

    magnet fishing

    But what is behind the term magnetic fishing, what equipment do you need to do it, and what should you pay attention to when searching for sunken treasures in waters? And is magnetic fishing allowed in Germany?What is magnetic fishing or magnetic fishing?

    In magnetic fishing, the name is program. Instead of using a conventional fishing line and fishing hooks, magnetic fishermen pull off with linen, to which powerful magnets are attached. These are magnets with high adhesive force. They are often referred to as mountain magnets, search magnets, supermagnets or neodymium magnets.In contrast to the probe-goers, who also have to buy a metal detector, the magnetic anglers come relatively cheaply to their equipment.

    Fish, of course, cannot be caught in this way. But that’s not what passionate magnet anglers are about. Instead of living prey, they are based on objects and objects made of metal that at some point sank into the floods. The jackpot: Hidden treasures such as old coins, militaria* or other treasures.

    However, the chances that you, as a magnetic angler, will eventually recover a treasure chest filled up to the top from the floods is low. Apart from that, the range of possible loot pieces or objects at the mountain magnet is large. It ranges from rusty nails to old bicycles to historical objects from the Second World War – for example, badges. Every now and then, magnetic fishermen also fetch a safe from the depths. Unfortunately, such a small safe is rarely filled.

    The highlight is the surprise effect. After all, you never know what to get out of the water when you fish magnetically – unlike conventional fishing. While anglers are usually informed about which fish are in a particular body of water, it is not possible to make a statement in advance about the finds of lost metal objects.