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    Speaking about a two-year old game that just got success years later is truly a peculiar situation. Yet here we are discussing a particular two year old and frankly very simplistic game overtaking the top monthly downloads and streams like it was nothing. A lot of game creators use their own methods and plans to more or less guarantee the achievement of the creations. Due to the lacklustre results during the first release, something was definitely missing in the’recipe’ of the game back then. There are some interesting current conditions that have put up the game for success which was otherwise non-existent two decades ago. The combination of those things, undoubtedly, impacted Among Us’ victory.

    • Familiarity – The game rules of One of Us isn’t some exclusive and unique idea. The concept of identifying impostors inside a group has in fact been done before, both in video game format and in an physical setting. Mafia is the pioneer of social deduction games and it is a type of party game played in a circle with a group of people. Mafia was created a while in the 80s and the notion of the game is truthfully very impressive. Since the concept of Among Us is recognizable, it became a game that was easy to get into by any player of any age. One does not need to dedicate hundreds of hours to understand and win in the game which makes Among Us very appealing for newbies and casual gamers.

    • Ease of Play and Access – One of Us is a cross platform game which is also one of the reasons for its popularity. Co-players who are playing One of Us in different platforms would still have the ability to play the game with each other. additionally, the system demands of Among Us are really low. All these things combined in addition to the fact that each Among Us game lasts only an average of 10 minutes makes for a well-made accessible game.

    • Present Conditions – This pandemic has definitely brought out the worst in each individual and every transaction. Today, subject matters which are the talk of the town are understandably adversities and mental health difficulties. among us download para pc of the industries that thrived, on the other hand, are video games probably because of the simple reason that people are often at home. Consequently, Among Us is just one of the games that greatly succeeded this year. Among
    among us site is something which anyone can enjoy in the home and it easily diverts their minds to something more positive. Among Us is not trying to perform and is also an intriguing game to boot.

    • The Memes – Last of all, Among Us’ biggest publicity is through the generation of memes and the streams from famous Youtubers and Twitch players Due to the funny and light-hearted memes, which can be somewhat familiar, numerous players have wanted to join in on the inside jokes. The major reason for Among Us’ popularity is definitely because of its online visibility.