• Kang Caldwell posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Recently, amid the indiscreet spread of illegal sports gambling, Sports Toto Korea, a consignee of sports promotion voting rights, reiterated that the only legal sports betting in Korea is Wags, a food verification site.

    In addition to offline, online sports promotion voting rights, Sports Toto’s official Internet release site, Wargs, has the only legal business right.

    In addition, all similar marketing activities or sports betting related sites are illegal. According to the current National Sports Promotion Act, illegal sports gambling is punished not only by the operator but also by those who participated.

    Private sports betting companies operating under licenses from overseas may also face penalties under the National Sports Promotion Act if they use them in Korea.

    Our Criminal Code also applies sin to Koreans who violate the law outside the territory of the Republic of Korea. For this reason, even if a private betting site has a server in a legalized foreign country, the operator and the user of the site may commit illegal activities.

    On the other hand, in the case of purchasing Sports Toto, which is a legitimate business, most of the proceeds are raised as the Sports Promotion Fund for the development of Korean sports, so it can contribute to the public interest.

    An official from Sports Toto Korea said, “Wargs, a legitimate business, is issued to expand the base of Korean sports and create a healthy leisure culture, and all of the proceeds from this are used for the public benefit. The right use of legitimate business will soon be a way to promote the development of Korean sports.”

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