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    Discovering Venice

    Transportation around Venice is simple due to the countless types of water transportation available. Depending on a traveler’s budget, they can select a more upscale ride on a gondola or private taxi, or save money and take advantage of the “vaporetti” (public water buses). Many tourists in Venice prefer the vaporetti due to the culture they are exposed to by the other Italian passengers.
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    Although gondola rides can be very pricy, it is definitely worth it to spring for at least one ride. It is an experience most tourists dream about before visiting Venice, and has been highly romanticized in many films. One way to avoid the high expense is to bargain with the gondola driver or to share a ride with other tourists.

    One of the most enjoyable experiences in Venice is riding a vaporetti down the Grand Canal right before sunset. The trip is so inexpensive it’s hard to believe the sights that can be seen in comparison; it seems unreal to pay so little for so much scenery. This unbelievable trip might not actually take passengers anywhere, but they will end up understanding that the journey itself is the destination. Similarly, many vacationers are fond of upscale world cruises that take them to these beautiful destinations. They eliminate the long flights and add to the relaxing aspects of traveling.

    Another interesting element of Venice is that it is one of the few municipal areas in the world where cars aren’t allowed. Therefore, when armed with a map and comfy, sturdy shoes, one can set off on a journey to discover all Venice has to offer. The excursion to Venice via a five star world cruise also adds to the charm of the experience.

    Vacationers have the option of walking around Venice by themselves or of taking the conducted tour. The situation and experience all depends on how much time is at the tourist’s disposal and exactly what kind of exploring they intend to do. If time is limited, it might make more sense to join a guided tour. Sharing the experience with some fellow tourists is a simple way to bring down costs. The tour can be customized to specific wants and interests, not to mention to how much time is available and how much money the tourists wish to spend.

    Keep in mind that Venice demands a lot of foot time, so packing comfortable shoes is a must. Carrying a little torch or some sort of light is recommended as well, because the walkways sometimes end in water and the streetlights often do not suffice.

    Another perk that many enjoy in Venice is that individuals are only considered to be an “adult” if they are over the age of thirty! However, bars and pubs serve anyone that is over eighteen years of age.

    Really, when it comes to Venice, there is a plethora of options at hand. Each person has their own idea of fun, entertainment, relaxation, and what really makes a vacation. Five star around the world cruises give passengers access to the many wonders of traveling and sight seeing, and allow them to kick back and relax while getting there. Luckily for each individual, there is something for everyone in Venice. Strolls down by the water, entertainment and live music on the streets, fine wining and dining at countless locations, romantic sunsets, wild clubs and bars-there is really no limit to finding things to do. A vacation in Venice will definitely be something that can be cherished for years.