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    Cruise Activities – The Dynamic Changes in 2011

    Cruise companies are currently marketing their cruise activities gradually for the upcoming winter season, but it does not mean those plans are fixed. Several cruise companies have been noticed to make some few revisions to their winter cruise itineraries for 2011. Here are some of them:

    * Celebrity Cruises announced that their fleets would depart from Baltimore for 2011. However recently, they dropped their Baltimore plans and announced their ships will now have Australian itineraries. Cruise lines are trying to adjust to demands of the market, thus the quick changes in plans.
    Sunset cruise papeete

    * Celebrity Cruises plans on three new 12-night round trip journeys with emphasis on different ports of call. These new cruise itineraries will allegedly be offered for September and October 2011. Celebrity’s Constellation will reportedly sail all three journeys. The trip will begin with an overnight stay in Istanbul then will go on to sailing for Bodrum, Ephesus and Marmaris in Turkey. Then it will also call on Athens, Chania Crete, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece.

    * Furthermore, Constellation will also go on a 12-night voyage from Amsterdam to Istanbul on September 7, 2011. It will then go on a repositioning cruise on October 25 from Istanbul going to Barcelona on an 11-night voyage. If you would like more details on these cruises, just visit Celebrity’s official website at Celebritycruises.com.

    * Princess cruises will be presenting trips to Asia on 2011. Ocean Princess, in particular, will sail from Rome to Singapore on a 28-day cruise on October 25, 2011. The ship will stop over Sorrento, Kusadasi and Athens to pick up passengers after which, it will continue to the Suez Canal then proceed to El Sheikh, Dubai, Aqaba, Safaga, Mumbai, Muscat, Kuala Lumpur and Cochin.

    * Brilliance of the Seas, a ship owned by Royal Caribbean will commence sailing to Dubai in January 2011. Extra winter season cruises are being studied and will set sail on November 2011 in United Arab Emirates.

    * Royal Caribbean will also add two 12-night voyages beginning March 2011. The trip will start in Dubai then will proceed to Muscat, Oman, Goa, Cochin and Mumbai. It will also visit Mangalore Port in west India. Repositioning cruises are also featured from Barcelona to Dubai and vice versa on board Brilliance of the Seas.