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    A Course in Miracles by Jon Mundy

    Listen to the daily lessons from the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, read by Jon Mundy. Jon is an author, lecturer, publisher of Miracles magazine and director of the Miracles Studies program at All Faiths Seminary in NYC. He is a retired university lecturer and taught courses in Philosophy, Religion and Psychology from 1967-2009.
    What is A Course in Miracles?

    A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study spiritual thought system whose principles and teachings lead to the experience of inner peace. Its uniqueness lies in its teaching of forgiveness as a means to the remembrance of God’s unconditional love. It is a modern spiritual classic that has been read and studied around the world for more than thirty-four years.

    In 1965, two Columbia University psychologists were tired of the anger and division in the world. They decided to seek answers and found that A Course in Miracles was being given to them through a process of inner dictation. Helen Schucman, one of the psychologists, began to receive messages that said, “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” Scribing the Course took seven years, and it was published in 1976. No author’s name is on the book, but it is revealed that the author was Jesus Christ.

    It is a book that teaches how to practice forgiveness, both internally and externally. It is also a guidebook for undoing the blocks to awareness that make it impossible to recognize and experience the love of God. It is a profound spiritual teaching that has had a remarkable effect on people of all walks of life and has helped to transform the lives of thousands of people who have embraced its principles.

    Although it uses Christian terminology, A Course in Miracles is ecumenical in nature and teaches that the only true religion is to remember God. It clearly states that it is not a new religion and that all of the world’s faiths have a part to play in our journey back to Heaven.

    ACIM is a spiritual study program that consists of three books: the Text which lays out the ideas that make up its thought system; the Workbook for Students, which teaches how to apply these concepts to everyday living; and the Manual for Teachers, which provides answers to questions about the Course. It is not easy to read and understand, but those who have dedicated themselves to its study have experienced immense personal growth from the knowledge that it reveals.
    What are the Principles of A Course in Miracles?

    A Course in Miracles is a self-study spiritual teaching, rather than a religion. Though it uses Christian language, the Course is ecumenical and describes itself as “a restatement of the core wisdom found in every major world religion.” It combines spiritual inspiration with deep psychological understanding of such concepts as beliefs and defense systems, perception and identity.

    The Course’s principal goal is to teach its students that they are not their bodies, and that the spirit is the altar of truth. It achieves this primarily through the use of a unique set of principles. While the principle of forgiveness is at the heart of the Course, its other principles are equally important.

    One of the most famous principles is Principle 17. This states that a miracle is an expression of love and that it heals by shining the light of God’s forgiveness on the darkness of your own mistakes. It also states that the real miracle is not the miracle itself, but the love which inspired it.

    Another important principle is Principle 20. This teaches that a miracle reverses the physical order because it is not just the recipient who gains; the giver also receives a greater abundance of love. Thus, it demonstrates “that it is as blessed to give as to receive.”

    In addition, Principles 28 and 29 discuss the nature of time. In this view, time is simply a learning device and will end when the lesson has been learned.

    Finally, Principles 35 and 36 describe how miracles rearrange perception and place all levels of awareness in true perspective. This is accomplished by allowing the miracle to replace fear with the love and recognition of Christ. As a result, miracles make the mind one in God. This is a prerequisite for miracles to be effective in healing the world. In other words, as Workbook Lesson 332 states, ‘Fear binds the world; forgiveness sets it free.” Thus, miracles function to restore psychic unity and make minds whole. They do this primarily by restoring the impulses from the superconscious mind to enter the conscious and draw us into revelation (experiences of our oneness with God) and impulses from the subconscious mind to give miracles to others.
    What is the Practice of A Course in Miracles?

    Designed to be a self-study spiritual thought system, A Course in Miracles is divided into three books: the Text lays out the concepts that form its thought system; the Workbook for Students contains 365 daily lessons which emphasize experience over belief in a particular theology; and the Manual for Teachers provides answers to questions that frequently arise. Although the Course uses Christian terminology and symbols, it clearly states that it is not a religion; rather it is a teaching that reminds us of our true spiritual nature.

    First published in 1976, the Course’s impact has been massive. It has been embraced by men and women of every walk of life and every major faith. Its evocative language and profound insights have made it widely read and respected, even by many who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” It has become something of an esoteric bible for the growing number of people who identify as SBNR.

    However, despite its enormous popularity, ACIM is difficult for most people to understand and practice. Its mystical teachings are challenging to grasp, and its spiritual discipline is demanding. Most newcomers to the Course soon find themselves either joining a study group or affiliated with one of the few accredited churches inspired by the teachings. This makes it hard to track the number of people influenced by the Course.

    Jon Mundy has been an instructor of A Course in Miracles since acim the late 1960s, and is a well-known lecturer on its principles and applications. He is also the author of several books, and a frequent contributor to magazines and online journals on spirituality and human potential. His understanding of the Course’s thought system, his clarity and humor, and his ability to help others apply its principles to their lives are unsurpassed in the field.

    Jon believes that ACIM is a revolutionary book that changes our entire perception of the world and how it operates. He encourages everyone to find a copy of the Course and give it a try. It is not necessary to read it cover-to-cover in one sitting, but do make a commitment to actually do the Workbook Lessons on a regular basis.
    What is the Future of A Course in Miracles?

    A Course in Miracles is a unique spiritual self-study thought system that unties the blocks to love, by teaching forgiveness as the way of peace and remembrance. Its principles, while radical and “not of this world,” are very effective for healing depression, fear, addictions and other seemingly lifelong issues. Its remembrance of God as Love is not just the source of forgiveness, but also of freedom and joy.

    Its purpose is to prepare the mind for receiving the gift of eternal life. This process of untying the blocks in the awareness is called awakening or enlightenment. It is an ongoing journey that involves undoing the ego’s beliefs and judgments. This is done through practicing the principles of the Course. It is not a religion, but requires only your willingness and motivation from within.

    This is a unique course in its own right because it is not simply about untying the blocks to love, but rather about returning to our own natural state of joy and love. Unlike other spiritual teachings that try to lead you to a particular place or experience, the Course teaches that wherever you are now in the universe, all roads lead home.

    Jon Mundy is the author of 10 books, the publisher of Miracles magazine and Director of the Miracles Studies Program for All Faiths Seminary in New York City. He taught courses in Philosophy and Religion from 1967 to 2008 at the New School University and the State University of New York specializing in The History of Mysticism. He is the founder of the Living A Course in Miracles Foundation, which supports spiritual students of ACIM. He is a long-time friend of Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles. He also appears on occasion as Dr. Baba Jon Mundane, a standup philosopher comedian.