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    Plarium, the developers of huge mobile hit Raid: Shadow Legends, is also the home of older and equally impressive massively multiplayer online role playing games. Of these is Vikings: War of Clans, a game that resembles classic Command and Conquer where players make their clans and towns stronger. Also, the ultimate goal in Vikings: War of Clans is to occupy places of power in their respective kingdoms.

    Is there a technique to levelling up in Vikings: War of Clans?

    how to play vikings war of clans on pc , the higher the level, the better their towns and buildings will be. On the other hand, one’s character levels are not the same with one’s town levels. Some suggestions which could assist you to level-up your palace and town quickly is by doing tasks as often and as quickly as possible, attacking invaders, yielding plenty of troops, joining a good clan, and participating in various events.

    Who is the clan leader in Vikings: War of Clans?

    Each Viking clan has a chief defined as a Jarl. There are a lot of things that Jarls can do in the game and one of them is turning into king of the land. To check out information of various Jarls, players can go to the Jarl Profile.

    Is there a way to relocate from kingdom to kingdom in Vikings: War of Clans?

    Going to an enemy kingdom requires the usage of the special Great Relocation item. There is also a Return item that allows players to go back to their own town. However, there are several rules to getting these items. To start, the only players who can use the Great Relocation are actually Jarls. Secondly, relocation and return is only available during global competitions. Third, Jarls can only relocate to an enemy kingdom from their home.

    How do I become a king in Vikings: War of Clans?

    Becoming a king is a new competition which has been implemented in the game. Jotunheim Competitions is the exact name of this tournament and it goes on for two days until someone is able to get the Throne of Jotunheim. Players who become successful in holding the throne longer than other Jarls will eventually become the King of Jotunheim and this, of course, includes certain awards and privileges.

    Is Vikings: War of Clans designed for PC play?

    In 2015, Vikings: War of Clans was initially releaed on mobile only. However, the interest in the game urged its publisher to make it offered on multiple platforms including web browser. But the best platform to play Vikings: War of Clans on PC is on Games.LOL where all the available games are optimized for desktop gaming. Simply install the “Vikings War of Clans – New Tab Extension” and then select “Play for free” button that is on the website.

    If you are looking for a loaded strategy MMO, then Vikings: War of Clans has it all. Also, one of the game’s qualities that sets it a notch above others is its great graphics. verall, Vikings: War of Clans is something truly worth trying for all types of players!