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    Traditional Chinese Massage is practiced for more than 2,000 years already. Chinese acupuncture is one of the most popular kinds of Chinese Massage currently. It mainly involves long, penetrating deep massage strokes, which are applied all over the body, particularly the back. In fact, it is often mistaken as Swedish massage and is often used to help relieve congestion, muscular pain, and even stress.
    Visit the website There are two types of Chinese Acupuncture; Jiaogulan and Yanghe.

    Jiaogulan is a less widely known form of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is part of a family of Chinese medicines called the Panxinacea. The term Jiaogulan is used interchangeably with Swedish massage. It originates from the words "Jiaogulan" and "Xiehang". The main difference between the two is that Swedish massage is not as deep as Jiaogulan, and it usually uses fewer strokes. Another difference is that the Swedish technique may use electric stimulation or warm, mild electric currents.

    Most people think of traditional Chinese massage when they hear the word "masseuse". However, there is another important role played by a masseuse in Chinese culture. They are a crucial part of the medical care system in China. It is estimated that about 200 million people in China use a professional masseuse to obtain full body massage and relaxation techniques. If you want to learn these soothing and relaxing techniques then it would be best if you seek the services of a professional masseuse.

    Today, there are many Chinese masseuses who can give a full body massage and many other types of massage therapy to patients. There are many traditional Chinese massage therapy spas in China that offer different kinds of treatments to their guests. A good masseuse will have years of experience and they can help you achieve relaxation and health by using traditional Chinese methods. You need to have your own massage table to give your guests a full body massage.

    To provide full body massage a Chinese therapist will use both hands, both feet and they may also use a special tool called cupping. The purpose of cupping is to open the blocked or narrowed natural flow of blood through the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is done with both thumbs and fingers. This is done on specific parts of the body such as the ears, nostrils, lips, tongue and neck. The cupping process opens up the blocked blood flow and lets the blood flow freely throughout the body.

    Other traditional Chinese massages include the Qigong and Tai Chi forms. A Qigong practitioner will use their hands to move energy in and out of the body. When you learn a Tai Chi form, you will learn how to maintain proper chi balance which is essential to having a healthy and well balanced body.

    As for the Westerners, we will find many different massage techniques and ways to relax our muscles and reduce stress. Massage therapists may use deep tissue massage to release tension from the muscles and improve the function of joints. Deep tissue massage uses specialized techniques to penetrate deeper into the muscles to release muscle spasms and stress. Many therapists also incorporate meditation and breathing techniques with the traditional Chinese massage techniques to help relax and enhance the benefits.

    Both massage therapies are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, it should be noted that TCM does not believe in the traditional Chinese moxibustion method. Moxibustion is said to be an outdated technique and can cause serious injuries if not done properly. Many Chinese massages use the hot stone method instead. The hot rocks are placed on pressure points and are thought to release negative energy. This form of therapy has become popular among Westerners as well.