Nailing It: Getting Back in the Habit

We’re all guilty of starting something new or saying we’ll commit to a new good habit like going to the gym or remembering to put the toilet seat down, only to burn out weeks or months later and be right back where we started before. At the start of 2017, maybe you should make a resolution that’s not only good for you, but that’s pretty easy not to drop hold of too.

For us guys, when it come to our grooming we’re not always, shall we say, the smoothest about it. To some, just the idea of keeping yourself well-kept seems outlandish or unnecessary. And don’t even mention getting a manicure. However, there has been serious gain on the male grooming front when it comes to male-geared beauty products, all-male salons and the number of guys that are going out to make sure their nails and hair stay at the top of their game.

It’s true, the stigma against men keeping their nails groomed is disappearing. The International Spa Association reports that men now make up over 35 percent of their clientele, a number that has literally doubled over the past ten years. From NFL players and celebrities to hotshot professionals and family men alike, a guy taking care of both sets of their nails is becoming a definite trend among today’s men, no matter their race, job, marital status or sexual orientation.

From nail spas popping up all over that specifically cater to male clientele such as serving craft beer or wine while your toes get clipped to big beauty companies like Aveeno, Neutrogena, and even Nair launching exclusive “For Men” lines that encourage guys that “beauty” isn’t just for women, men’s grooming is exploding.

There are tons of tips, tricks, and trends to discover to keep your or your guy’s nails and skin looking top notch. Check back here every week for recommendations, guidelines, how-to’s and product reviews for any guy to be as polished as he wants to be.

Watch out, ladies. Here we come.

Isaiah Negron

A native New Yorker, a writer, a doer, a reader, a dreamer, a Disney junkie, a literature buff, an avid gamer and all kinds of stuff...then you run out of space.

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