Nailing It: Weathering the Winter

Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

We can no longer deny it. Winter has struck. Especially in the places it has hit hard, such as New York City, the icy cold temperatures bring about much more than just runny noses and extra layers. When it gets colder, the body craves more energy to keep warm, expressing its needs through indicators like an increased appetite, irregular sleep patterns, and fluctuating energy levels. The new temperatures also bring about changes in our skin, hair and nails, exposing them to harsher weather with a multitude of side effects. Usually among the first things that start to suffer are your extremities, e.g., your nails. So what’s a stress-free way guys can weatherproof all the potential problem spots in one fell swoop? Easy.

Planning a trip to a guys-only spa is an unparalleled way to not only take some time to indulge and rejuvenate a bit, but also to heal and guard the body from some of the less attractive effects of colder and dryer weather. And it doesn’t have to be biting cold for the moisture to be sucked right out of our skin. Luckily, New York City boasts some of the spas in the world, including a number that cater exclusively to male clientele.

If you have a taste for the chic and modern, head down to Chelsea to The/One Men’s Spa on 18th Street and 8th Avenue. This dashing retreat offers a smorgasbord of treatments, including their purifying and aromatic Green Tea Pedicure or their signature 4-Hand Massage, which is exactly what it sounds like. They also offer an indulgent VIP Treatment, which allows couples or a few friends to get pampered together in a private room where you’ll be massaged, masked, exfoliated, and jacuzzied.

For those who want a more Zen atmosphere, Paradise Men’s Spa on West 53rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen where rejuvenation comes through specialty Thai Yoga Massages and unique treatments such as the hydrating Hot Milk Crème Spa Manicure. Their invigorating skin treatments nourish the skin and nails, better arming them to stand up against unkind weather.

A veritable urban resort, The Spa at the boutique OUT NYC Hotel on 42nd Street and 10th Avenue offers a true sensory escape from the bustle of the city. Named one of the trendiest in the world by Fodor’s, this hidden gem features an outdoor relaxation garden and a 15-foot waterfall to maximize the relaxing ambiance’s effects. Explore their 5,000-square foot wellness center or detox in their Turkish hamam, easing tense, dry skin and purging clogged pores.

Whether you go to simply treat your nails to a deluxe mani/pedi or aim to rescue your entire body from the dulling effects of the weather, finding a spa that you feel genuinely relaxed and comfortable in is the essential first to keeping your skin and nails ahead of the 2015 winter curve.

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