Nailing It: A Man’s First Manicure

Well done, dude! You’ve made the life-changing decision to go and get your first manicure and pedicure! So…. now what? Where do you go? What do you bring? Heck, what do you even go in and say? Or do you just walk in and stand there awkwardly until you’re acknowledged? Not to worry! Here you’ll find your First Spa Survival Guide, the quintessential know-how of how to get the most out of your first mani/pedi.

With multiple options out there, the best way to choose a nail spa is to go for an atmosphere you’ll feel comfortable in. One of the city’s best-reviewed male spas is Spiff at 760 Third Avenue at 46th Street. This modern spa marvel boasts a minimalist contemporary atmosphere with subdued colors and an array of services aside from nail care like hot shaves, haircuts and shoe shines. You don’t always have to know exactly what you want off the bat, so feel free to go in and browse a menu. In addition to free WiFi, along the wall is a mirror with plasma screens embedded in it so you have plenty of entertainment options while you’re getting your look “spiffed up.”

Another tip for your first time is that you don’t have to go alone. Whether it’s a friend who’s already gone through the nail care regimen or your partner who, let’s face it, will likely be the primary benefactor of smoothing out those crusty, winter-worn feet and lethal bear claws, going with someone is a great way to cutback the pressure or any potential shyness you might feel. If your pal or partner wants to join you, the Dyanna Spa on 40 East 21st Street off Broadway offers a plethora of unisex spa services from a black currant or olive oil manicure, delivering powerful antioxidants and nutrients to the skin and nails, to post-pedi reflexology sessions, bringing life back into tired feet. Their extensive list is sure to spark the interest of both you and whomever you get to tag along.

If you’re lower maintenance, you’ll probably be fine with the spa products that the salon you chose uses. However, some guys have specific brands they want to try or use, many times for guys who have sensitive skin or nails. There is rarely a problem bringing your own moisturizer, nail polish or treatment to have used. That said, try not to show up with half an aisle of Duane Reade in your messenger bag. They do know what they’re doing after all.

The whole point of getting professional nail care therapies is to feel good about yourself, improve your extremities’ health, and indulge in a relaxing experience. Above all, take the time to find and feel the enjoyment in it and you’ll discover the additional advantages of a little self-pampering, but I won’t spoil all the surprises.

Check back here every other week for more reviews and tips on how guys are Nailing It when it comes to their grooming.

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