New Year, Happy Feet: Your Guide to Perfect Pedicures

It is the new year, and while many people are making outlandish resolutions to start the year off, one such resolution you shouldn’t ignore or let fall off the radar is to pay more attention to your feet. Perfectly pedicured toes are just the ticket for many during the holidays but what about when the holidays are over? Read on to learn from our guide to perfect pedicures in 2018:

Your feet often get forgotten during winter, which is one of the most important times to ensure they stay hydrated. I recommend my patients stay away from water-based products. This means all creams, lotions, and butters. They are great for the rest of your body, but not on your feet.  Oil based products such as baby oil, olive oil or vaseline are great.  Apply liberally, wait 30 seconds and wipe off all the excess with a paper towel.  

When it comes to having a pedicure whether you do it at home or have it done by a pro, make sure it is done correctly. Stay away from razors when removing calluses. Many a person has ended up in my office with either a nasty infection or requires stitches from cutting themselves. Pumice and files are much safer. Try to avoid cutting your cuticles for the same reasons.  Oil them and push them back with a soft tool if necessary. Better yet, leave them alone if you can.

When it comes to cutting your nails only use straight edge clippers and always cut your nails straight across. Cutting nails in the corners or trying to round out toenails, is the number one cause of ingrowns. Another great idea, if your feet won’t be seen during the winter months, is to try and leave your nails unpolished for a while. Constant polishing, especially with today’s gel and acrylic polishes, can eat into the surface of the nails and make them weak over time.

And always remember to keep all of your pedicure tools clean with a little rubbing alcohol or Lysol spray, both before and after using.  

Here’s to happy toes!

Dr. Craig Brandoff, DPM

Dr. Craig Brandoff

Dr. Craig Brandoff is the Chief Podiatrist at and has more than 25-years experience looking after feet. A highly engaged and mindful podiatrist who is deeply committed to the well-being of his patients who literally sing his praises for being a miracle worker when it comes to fixing their feet. Dr. Brandoff attended the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, where he earned his degree in podiatry. He is a member of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association and the American Podiatric Medical Association. Dr. Brandoff received the American College of Foot Surgeons Scholarship and the Emil Rose Scholarship. Troubled feet? Visit Dr. Brandoff at 42 BROADWAY—SUITE 1638, NEW YORK, N.Y. 212-742-0652

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