Polish Storage Hacks!

Nail polish is one of those things that is great to have (duh) but kinda annoying to store. Unless you have a tiny collection that looks super cute on display, it can be quite tricky. So we have come up with a list of hacks and even some tutorials, for how to display your polish collection!

A couple of things to consider before deciding how you are going to store your collection are:

  1. Do you want to display your polishes? Or keep them out of public view?
  2. Consider how large your polish collection is now and how big it will get in the future
  3. Does your collection need to be portable or can it stay in one spot?
  4. What brands of polish do you favor? The size and shape of the bottles will affect your storage options
  5. Which of your polishes do you use most regularly?

All of these things will affect which option for polish storage is the best choice for you!

Use an Ikea Helmer! For those in the know, the classic Ikea ‘Helmer’ chest is a great way to store your polish collection. Available from Ikea or from Amazon here!

Arrange your everyday beauty products on a spice rack to save space. We love this tutorial from Liz Marie Blog because it is so simple, but looks really pretty and is convenient too!

Adhere magnets to the back of your bottles, and stick them on a metal board to save space while also decorating your walls.

Arrange your polish in lucite desk organizers so you can see everything that’s stowed away.

Line your drawers with plastic food containers to neatly organize cotton balls, sponges, and other polish application/removal tools.

Store your nail polishes in a clear cookie jar, if you use a glass one you can easily see which polishes are where. If (like us) you have an enormous polish collection, you can also color code your cookie jars and create a gorgeous display.

Make your own wall mounts like this amazing tutorial from Cupcake’s Clothes and display your polish on your wall. This makes your polish collection look like it’s from a salon, how professional!

If you want to transport your collection, make your own storage box and label the top of your polishes with their color so you can easily see which one is which from the top. The Beauty Department have a great tutorial for this!

Are you going to be trying any of these polish storage hacks? Let us know by commenting below!

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