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Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

Though the trend of men getting regular manicures and pedicures is growing, there are still a vast number of guys who cringe at the thought of taking care of their nails, seeing it as feminine and embarrassing. It’s understandable. The definition of “masculine” in our society is not often synonymous with sitting at a manicure table getting your cuticles cleaned up. However, the emerging ranks of men who appreciate nail care permeate the layers our society, one of which being that of our esteemed celebrities.

These daring guys not only keep their grooming up to par, but they take the next step and add an extra touch that most men wouldn’t dare venture near: color. The next time you think that wearing colored nail polish is for ladies or pansies, call to mind that sports icon and epitome of man David Beckham has been caught multiple times sporting black polish on his athletic fingers. The trend of black polish is seen as a subtler selection, believe it or not, and a number of sports figures have tried the look, like six-time NFL Pro Bowler Chad Johnson and two-time NBA Finals Champion Dwayne Wade. Johnny Depp is another practitioner of black polish, as are musical talents like Wiz Khalifa, Ozzy Osbourne and Adam Lambert. OK, so those last two were obvious. Even so, it clearly shows that men from all walks of life are giving colored polish a go.

Taking it even further are the valiant guys in the spotlight that apply an array of colors to their nails, shamed by no one. Music legend Seal sports colored nails every now and then, including a famed neon yellow that the paparazzi jumped at getting shots of. Zac Efron has been seen wearing color on his nails, as has Jessica Alba’s husband, yes, husband, Cash Warren. Even skateboarding master Tony Hawk got in on the action, coating his nails with a sparkly pink polish. Whether they are doing it for attention or because they like it and just don’t give a #@%$, it sends a message to guys everywhere that needs to be heard. Stand out, be an individual, and don’t care what the world thinks. If people who see your Hunter Green polish have something to say, tell them to go talk to Victoria Beckham about it.

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[Image courtesy of Robert Braunfeld]
Isaiah Negron

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  1. You hit the nail… Exactly! As you stated, there are an increasing number of guys sporting polish and there is a very good reason – because they like it! I happen to know of a few guys who wear colored polish on their nails and their girlfriend and wife were the ones who encouraged them to.
    That was the case with me as well. I complimented my wife on her dark blue toe nails and she offered to paint mine for me. And it looked great.
    There is no reason that a guy shouldn’t wear nail polish if he wants to anymore. It’s stylish, it feels great and it sure looks a lot better than the unkempt nails that many men typically have.

    1. I agree 100% that it is about time that society changes these rigid norms in which TELL US that we CAN’T WEAR THIS OR THAT b/c “guys” are NOT suppose do that. I’m tired of this backwards thinking–the same goes for makeup also. Guys wear it on TV & its fine. A guy can wear either makeup or nail polish if he want to & can pull it off ok.