The Mean Girls Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Holiday season is here, and what better excuse to shop? Let’s be honest though: a typical gift guide is the opposite of fetch, so we came up with a list inspired by one of our favorite movies. In the words of Regina George, “You are so lucky you have us to guide you!”
get in loser we're going shopping regina george

DIY Nails Junk Food Nail Decals

junk food nail decals

When holiday shopping and an overabundance of family time has your sister/cousin/aunt so stressed out they’re just like, “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries,” present them with these first. $10

NCLA Candy Cane Cutie Nail Wraps

ncla candy cane cutie

These festive nail wraps are way more useful than a candy cane gram. But remember: “None for Gretchen Wieners!” $16

Zoya Nail Polish in Barbie

zoya nail polish barbie pink

If Christmas is your chosen holiday, you’ll notice it’s on a Wednesday this year, and you know the rule: On Wednesdays we wear pink. Zoya’s Barbie is the perfect shade for any plastic to sport on December 25th or any Wednesday. $8

Revlon Scented Nail Polish in Cotton Candy

revlon scented cotton candy nail polish

Scented nail polish is back, and yes, it’s for grown-ups this time. Avoid making any of your loved ones smell like a baby prostitute with Revlon’s Scented Polish in Cotton Candy – it has a soft, spun sugary scent so sweet that no one will ever think you’re plastic. $4.99

NAILS Inc My Nail Polish Diary

Giving a burn book as a gift would just be cruel. Opt instead for this “diary” by Nails Inc, which includes 12 different polishes with a variety of finishes including glitter, feather, leather, and foil-effects. $29

NARS “No Limits” Opaque Nail Polish

This NARS fuchsia-hued violet shade might not be pink enough to wear on Wednesdays, but the vibrant shade will keep nails looking good without distracting anyone from any math problems on the board. After all, the limit does not exist. $19

Julep Nail 911 Repair System

This two-step kit features a Nail Therapy treatment which nourishes and strengthens nails, while the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum aids the re-growth process. A great gift for your friend whose nailbeds suck. $21

Not Soap, Radio Body Lotion in “Caresses, Not Carbs”

body wash

We all have that friend who wants to lose 3lbs, even though she does actually look amazing. This body lotion will keep her hands and feet soft, regardless of whether her diet is all-carbs or not. $18

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Kit

What better gift to give when you suspect someone might need to raise their hand when they admit they’ve felt personally victimized by Regina George? $12.97

Different Dimension “That is so FETCH!” Nail Polish

that's so fetch nail polish

The perfect polish for someone who just can’t stop trying to make fetch happen. $8.50

so fetch gretchen xmas

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