Time for a MANicure

Quick. Take five seconds and call up a mental image of the successful urbanite male. What do you see? You might picture the East Side businessman or the Wall Street guy: a tailored suit, a clean haircut, expertly groomed or shaved facial hair and a pair of sharp shoes. But what’s the point of wearing an executive’s suit and shined shoes when the black dirt caked under your nails distracts your boss from the handshake you offer? Or how suave can you be when your hand finds the leg of your date and it callously screams lumberjack? The answers should be painfully obvious. If they’re not, definitely keep reading.

It’s a generally accepted idea that the nail salon is feminine territory. With the sweet smells of soaking salts and the rainbow-colored library of polish bottles that line the walls, the average nail salon doesn’t always make a man feel, frankly, manly. Nevertheless, the stigma against men keeping their nails groomed is disappearing. The International Spa Association reports that men make up 30 percent of their clientele, a number that has literally doubled over the past ten years. From NFL players and celebrities to hot-shot professionals and family men, a guy taking care of both sets of their nails is becoming a definite trend among today’s men, no matter their race, job, marital status or sexual orientation.

Further encouraging its growing popularity are the sheer number of nail spas launching all over that offer things to specifically cater to male clientele, such as serving imported beer or wine while your toes get clipped and having other “add on” options for a more complete spa experience, such as a hot shave or snazzy haircut.

There are tons of tips, tricks and trends to discover to keep your or your guy’s nails looking topnotch. Check back here every other Friday for recommendations and guidelines for any guy to polish up his city slicker look, no hot pink nail shellac required.

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We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the first of our new columnists. Isaiah will be here every second Friday talking all things MANicure, in our new column Nailing It! 



Isaiah Negron

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  1. Dear Isaiah

    It’s about time men started thinking about their appearance whether, suits, sportsmen, tradesmen or even lumberjacks. I am a gardener and have dirt under my nails every day as I am not use to wearing gloves and yes have calluses from hard work but some people sometimes like a rough touch.
    But I do like to have my nails done as I think it an important thing to have your hands looking at their best when out for drinks, dinner, theatre and always at the in laws, especially lol.
    I will keep watch of your column for any more hints or news so I can keep up my appearance for the future. Keep up the fine work.

    Dean Walsh
    Gunn & Jones
    Gentlemen Gardeners
    London UK