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In The VIP Chair: Clara Nails Mamaroneck NY (ROUND TWO)

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Those of you that live in a cold climate can understand the struggle it is to be cooped up inside with your almost three-year-old for days on end. We were both desperate to get out into the fresh air. You can imagine how thrilled we were when New York had a slightly warmer day recently (aka above freezing). We bundled up and headed for the local playground, in which my adorable daughter chose the only slide with a puddle of water at the bottom of it to go down, and thus proceeded to drench her leggings.

We were about 10-minutes walk from home and this heavily pregnant Momma had plans to take her to the nail salon for the first time as a toddler after our playground visit. I knew if we went home to change we would never get to the salon, and besides, I had a salon review due:). So off we walked (quickly I might add) to the shops where I knew there was laundromat right next door to a nail salon I had been to before. Now it is not my normal tendency to return to the same salon within a 6-month period but these were desperate times. I was thankful that in this New York suburban town where most apartments and houses have their own washer and dryer that there was still a laundromat close by. I promptly threw her leggings in the dryer and wrapped her in a blanket while she watched them go round and round – which kept her seated and quiet for a few minutes – a win-win for Momma.

Once redressed we went to the nail salon next door, I asked my little darling if she would like to have her nails painted like Momma (I was excited as it would have been her first time), she promptly said “No tanks Momma, your turn”. Well, that was that I had just been given permission by my three-year-old to “have my turn” and get the pamper I so desperately needed. I set her up in the pedicure chair next to me with her favorite movie on my iPad (I was allowing screen time for this occasion). I then sat down to have my feet primped and prepped to perfection by Maria my nail technician. When she asked if I wanted a 10-minute foot massage, I looked to see how much time I had before my daughter got bored and would start running around the salon. She was still enthralled by her movie so I decided it was worth the risk to add an additional 10-minutes to the schedule so my poor swollen pregnant feet could get some relief. Oh my goodness, was it worth it! Maria did an exceptional job massaging my feet and I noticed the swelling was subsiding as well.

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Once again I brought my own toxic-free Zoya’s Janice polish and used it on my toes. I really wanted this manicure to last at least a week so opted to try Essie Gel Couture Spiked With Style for my fingers. I loved the deep, almost maroon hue of this polish and it dried so quickly which was a bonus.

The last time I came to this salon just over 6-months ago I experienced exceptional service and this time was no different. My nail technician was helpful and even carried my three-year-old daughter from the pedicure chair to where I was drying my nails. I will admit I was nervous bringing my toddler to the salon review with me, but she was a perfect angel. If you want a laugh read about the last time I took her on a salon review when she was five weeks old (what was I thinking?).


Until next time,

Ruth Shelling

Ambience: Quiet and relaxing (it was early in the day which may have contributed to this)

Cleanliness of salon: Really clean and airy. The ventilation was impeccable I couldn’t even smell any nail products.

Polish: Manicure: Essie Gel Couture Spiked With Style. Retails $10+. Pedicure: I used my own Zoya’s Janice polish. Retails $10+.

Polish job & chip factor: Loved my polish job, my fingers lasted 5-days and my toes a 3-weeks!!

Color range: Mid range of polishes, Essie, OPI, Essie Gel Couture, Color Club  & Misa

Customer engagement: Friendly and helpful.  

Price range:  Green tea spa pedicure: $50,  with 10 minute foot massage: $38, Manicure $8, pedicure $19, Special manicure & pedicure: $27. They also offer Essie Gel for an additional $12, OPI Gel manicures $25

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