How To: Avoid Bubbles in Your Manicure

It is one of the most annoying things to happen after you’ve finished that perfect manicure… the appearance of the dreaded bubbles! As hard as you can try to avoid it, it does happen to the best of us. Which is why we’ve researched and come up with the best ways to avoid bubbles ruining your manicure, because nobody deserves that!

Don’t shake your polish! Considered by many as the cardinal rule of nail polish, you should never shake your bottles, instead roll them around in the palms of your hands. Shaking your bottle creates invisible air bubbles inside the polish that rise to the top when you paint your nails! To avoid this, stop shaking your bottles!!

Paint your nails in a cool and dry place- If you have a high body temperature the heat radiates and causes the polish to bubble. If it’s hot outside and there’s no way you can cool down, wash your hands and nails in cold water before you paint them. The same goes for when your nails are drying, don’t dry them in direct sunlight!

Keep the lid on your polish- sometimes when we paint our nails we forget to close the lid of our polish while waiting for coats to dry or while using a different color for nail art or accent nails. The longer you leave the lid off of your polish, the more air you are letting into the bottle which makes your polish thicker and is more likely to create bubbles. So try and keep your bottles closed!

Let your coats dry- this is especially important with particular polishes (CoverGirl Outlast I’m looking at you), if you don’t let your coats dry completely before painting over the top of them they can cause bubbles. This happens because the top portion of polish dries before the bottom trapping solvents that need to evaporate to help polish dry properly, leading bubbles from the bottom rise to the top.

Keep your hands still- the same principle of shaking your bottle applies to shaking your hands. Don’t wave your hands around in the air while waiting for your manicure to dry, keep them still so that air doesn’t get into your polish and form the dreaded bubbles!

Are you a culprit of any of these? Let us know by commenting below!



Mette Jorgensen

Our Editor Mette is a fan of a glitter manicure, she can often be found pleading with her manicurist for just one more coat to achieve the ultimate sparkle. She's Australian so forgive her for occasionally writing in British English.

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