Nailing It: Be My Nailentine

Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

Fuzzy pink bears and heart-shaped balloons litter store fronts, and the price of roses has doubled overnight, signalling that Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. For those of us who want to impress our beloved, it’s common knowledge that it’s not always just a material gift that makes their heart pitter-patter, but also the effort that was put into making a romantic day just for them. Among the best ways to show that you care is by taking a few extra steps in the grooming department to give a special little edge to anything you decide to give them, from the sickly sweet to the seductively sensuous.

Here are a few key tools you can use to make your “Be My Valentine” look that much more smouldering:

Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit

When you’re looking to sharpen up, you always start with the basics. In this kit of grooming necessities, specially designed for today’s man, comes a needle-point “Tweezerette” for those pesky ingrown hairs, Italian-crafted facial hair scissors, a heavy duty clipper to take on even the most stubborn nails and a handy 3-in-1 tool to give your at-home manicure that salon quality look. Don’t forget that final file down while you’re at it.

The Art of Shaving Fusion Razor

This state of the art razor collection comes from one of the highest authorities in modern men’s grooming. The Fusion Razor is designed to reduce the pressure razors put on the skin, leaving an extra close and smooth finish from their advanced five-blade design. It’s also available in a variety of sleek finishes to best suit any guy’s lifestyle.

Zwilling Pedro Handy Ceramic Pumice Stone

The last thing any Valentine wants to feel is rough skin when they go to lovingly caress your hand or give you an intimate massage. The most efficient way to clear those callouses is with a good ol’ pumice stone, like this ceramic rasp from Zwilling that easily smoothens your hands and feet to a baby soft feel. It’s also great for getting out unsightly trapped dirt on the hands. And if the word “ceramic” scares you, don’t worry. Its unbreakable casing can stand up to even the most heavy-handed of men.

Mangroomer Pro Detail Groomer

This snazzy and useful little guy isn’t just the winner of 2013 GL Handsome Award. It’s also a powerhouse when it comes to getting that clean trimmed look that GQ has built all their stock around. Easily accessing hard to reach areas like the nose and ears while also allowing for the perfect trim for your beard with three interchangeable heads, the Mangroomer Pro lets you achieve things mere razors and tweezers only dream of.

ACE ComfortFlex Vent Brush

You’d be surprised how many guys forget one simple yet integral step of the man-grooming process. Comb your damn hair. A few spurts of water and six simple swipes can be the all the difference between a bedhead mop and a suave gentleman. ACE’s ComfortFlex brush features retractable bristles, a diamond textured “man-size” handle and cleverly designed airflow vents, allowing the hair to dry faster and seal your look sooner, for those of us always in a rush or just don’t have much patience.

All in all, how you present yourself to the one you are trying to impress doesn’t only say something about you. It also shows that, even in the little things, you care about how they feel when they look at you too. Go get ‘em, tiger.

Check back here every other Tuesday for more reviews and tips on how guys are Nailing It when it comes to their grooming.

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