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Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

So men are regularly getting their nails done. Big whoop. Guys are becoming more and more comfortable being in a spa environment. Even bigger whoop. The smooth-talking, ganja-smoking, world-renowned rapper Snoop Dogg gets French manicures. Wait… what?

You read correctly gentleman. Snoop Dogg has joined the pack of guys in the spotlight that aren’t afraid to flaunt color on their buffed and quaffed nails. Snoop even got some pushback on the pic from industry peers and fans, but the rapper took it in stride, probably along with another puff, as his delicately-tipped nails racked up over 20,000 likes and over 4,000 comments, not to mention some surprising media buzz.

Regardless of the fact that Snoop Dogg has actually been sporting nail art on and off since the 90’s, the number of male celebs that have no problem coloring their nails is already higher than you’d think, and the numbers are growing. Johnny Depp, Zac Efron and David Beckham are only a few off the A-list of guys that can occasionally be found with a fresh coat of color on their fingers.

A guy coloring their nails is a hard thing for today’s society to adjust to because we’ve been heavily conditioned to think that it was solely for women, to look feminine and “pretty.” But why do girls get to have all the fun? Color expresses personality, mood, a season or is sometimes just the perfect finishing touch on a slamming outfit. Everybody has fingernails. We’re humans. So why does only one gender get to do it?

Well, the people at BB Couture agree. This fashion forward nail care company released over 50 different colors of nail polish, each designed exclusively for men. BB Couture organized these shades into 11 distinct collections with unique names to grab guys’ attention. Their Tools for Men line features dark muted colors like the copper brown “Stud Finder” or the rusty red “Hammer Drill.” The cool slate grey “Blue Steel” and the blacker than black “Night Ops” can be found in the Just For Men collection while their “Infamous Lovers” roster includes the bleeding heart red “Romeo” and the deep, money green “Clyde.” If you’re feeling more on the sprightly side, there’s the chic platinum “Silver Fox” or the entrancing blue “Playboy” from their Eye Candy lineup. Whatever your mood or style, BB Couture’s lines of men’s polish probably has the color you’d want, from a light “first time” color to a robust “here I am” statement shade.

Acknowledging and responding to the trends in male grooming is becoming a large indicator of how much the industry is picking up. Health and wellness companies all over are exploring this growing demographic as more and more “For Men” products are hitting the shelves. So revel in the attention fellas! And show them that we appreciate the extra nod.

Check back here every other Friday for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming.

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