Glitter Nail Polish – How To Remove It Without Losing Your Mind!

Everyone who has worn glitter nail polish can testify to the fact that it is a massive pain to remove. It has driven many of us to start chipping the polish off with our fingers (and destroying the nail bed) just to get it off! But never again will readers be driven to such lengths to get their glitter off because I have found the best 3 ways to remove glitter polish without having to use bottles of polish remover and a tonne of cotton balls!

There’s no one brand of polish remover that works best with glitter, just as long as you have acetone in it or use one that is pure acetone. We asked our resident expert, celebrity manicurist Gerry Holford, to weigh in on each method, and share her wisdom.

Method 1: Foil Wrapping

This method is the most common one for nail polish lovers. It involves soaking a cotton ball in polish remover, ripping it into small bits and placing each bit on one of your fingers. Next you wrap the finger in foil and wait for about 10 minutes. When you twist the foil off the majority of the polish should be gone!
This tutorial on Refinery29 is easy to follow if you haven’t used foil before

Gerry says: Foil wrapping is a really quick and easy way to remove glitter. It’s fast and effective. Just be sure to coat your cuticles with oil before putting on the foil finger and when it’s time for removal, remove only one finger at a time to make sure all of the glitter is off one nail before moving on to the next. It’s important to remember that acetone evaporates, so once the foil comes off the finger, the polish/glitter will immediately start to harden again on your nail. Also, only very light use of an orange wood stick to remove stubborn pieces – NO METAL tools scraping on the nails!

Method 2: Soaking the Cotton Ball

This way is less common but just as easy! First, soak a cotton ball in polish remover and press it against the nail bed for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the glitter should just slide off. Repeat this with all fingers and make sure you use a fresh cotton ball or pad with each nail.

Gerry says: The best way to do this is to use unrolled cotton balls. Rip off pieces to fit over your nail and soak with acetone. Buff each nail to loosen up the glitter, place each piece over your nail, and let it sit for a few minutes. Firmly swipe the glitter polish off. If you still find the glitter to be stubborn, try using a piece of white felt with acetone. Simply rub the nail to free up any remaining glitter.

Method 3: Soaking Fingers

This technique is quick and easy, but not very good for your skin so ensure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and moisturize! This way involves pouring a small amount of polish remover into the cap or a small bowl and soaking your fingers in it until the polish can be wiped off with a cotton ball.

Gerry says: This is not a method I would recommend. It’s too harsh on the skin and nails. If you do choose this method for removal, slather nails with a cuticle oil or butter before and after soaking. The most important thing when removing any type of polish is to make sure the cuticle and nail plate are thoroughly moisturized once you are done!

– Mette Jorgensen

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