How to: Ciate Very Colourfoil Foil Manicure Kit

If you love the texture trend but don’t love the feeling of things being stuck on your nails (like our editor Elise, who complains when her nails aren’t perfectly smooth) then the Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure set might be your best nail art friend this fall. The end result is a metallic mess of color and shine, that can be sealed with a top coat for a smooth finish, and lasts for days.

We tested the Kaleidoscopic Klash set in the office and loved the result.

Ciate foil manicure very colourfoil review how to beauty nail blog

Start with your base coat and two coats of color. The set comes with a lovely minty green, but this would look good on any color, especially black or white.

Once your polish is completely dry, dab on a few small dots of glue. Apply sparingly, and spread it around – you don’t want globs!

When the glue has turned from white to clear, place a sheet of foil on the nail shiny side up, press down onto the glue firmly, then rip it off like a bandaid!

Add more glue and do it again with another color to create a crazy marble effect.

Be sure to seal it all off with a top coat – any left over glue with leave a sticky residue. Be sure to paint the top coat carefully, as it will smudge some of the foil and create a streaky effect rather than the holographic effect of the raw foil.

This gets two thumbs up from the Pedicure team – the instructions are easy to follow and the result is beautiful.

Available at Nordstrom for $25

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Ciate foil manicure very colourfoil review how to beauty nail blog


Elise Wright

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