Keeping Your Pedicure Looking Fresh At The Beach

Are you heading off to the beach for Memorial Day? Lucky you! The Australian’s have a saying when it comes to sun protection – Slip Slop Slap! Slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen, and a slap on a hat. We have our own version of Slip Slop Slap to ensure your pedi’s staying power.


Before you head to the beach, slip on an extra coat of top coat over your pedicure. That extra layer will help protect your colour from scratches and dings – sand is very abrasive and acts as a natural exfoliator, which is great for your soles but sucks for your polish. That bonus layer will also guard against chips and fading.


When you’re chilling on your towel, slop on some oil or cream on your tootsies. That sand we mentioned? Combine it with salt water and it will rub your toes dry. Your toe cuticles are going to come off second best, and the result will be a dry, scratchy mess. If you don’t want to take cuticle oil to the beach, even putting some extra SPF cream on your toes will help.


At the end of the day, once you have shaken the sand from your hair and rinsed our your swimsuit, be sure to treat your toes with a cuticle balm or heavy cream to revive them. Between the sun, the sand, and the saltwater, your feet (and the rest of you) will probably need some TLC. We recommend finding someone to rub your feet, while you drink a cocktail. Sounds good, no?

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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