NAIL IT for May with Faby Nails and The Butterfly Foundation


NAIL IT for May with Faby Nails and The Butterfly Foundation

During the Month of May, the Butterfly Foundation is calling upon everyone to help them NAIL eating disorders. Every year, approximately 1 million Australians suffer from an eating disorder.  It is the most misunderstood mental illness in Australia yet, equates to the highest fatality rate compared to other mental illnesses.

The Butterfly Foundation’s MAYDAYS for Eating Disorders aims to raise awareness on the seriousness of eating disorders and the need for improved treatment and prevention services. By starting a conversation around the causes and effects of eating disorders, the Foundation aims to remove the stigma associated with this mental illness.  The Foundation wishes to create a society that celebrates individualism, healthy-lifestyles, well-being and diversity – encourage everyone to have a positive body image.

FABY Nails have teamed up with the Butterfly Foundation inviting everyone to NAIL IT during the month of May, as a symbol against negative body image and eating disorders.  FABY will donate 100% of profits from retail and online sales of nail lacquers sold during the month of May 2016.

The Butterfly Foundation calls on Australians to challenge themselves by ‘nailing’ a personal goal they have always wanted to achieve eg, run a marathon, coast trek, volunteering in retirement home, grow a beard, shave your head, buy nothing new for the month of May – or simply paint a nail in support of positive body image.

All funds raised for MAYDAYS will go towards better prevention and treatment services and greater community education on the devastating impact eating disorders has on sufferers, their families and our community.

MAYDAYS is all about speaking out, report or start a conversation during the month of May on eating disorders, and create greater awareness on this serious mental illness.

Help nail this serious illness by registering online or paint your nails in support of positive body image,

FABY Nail Lacquer is available for purchase online at, $19.90 or contact us on 1800 720 807.


Share your nail pictures online this May, we know we will!
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