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People talk about the death of mail, but if the rise in subscription services is any sort of yardstick, then USPS should be increasing to two deliveries a day, not cutting services!

There are so many awesome beauty and nail subs services now, that it can be hard to keep up. There are also some very specific services – you want just glitter? Check. Just nail art? Check. There are great general hand/nail/beauty services, and there are luxury services for something special. The choice is bountiful. Below, our current favorites that we think you should try.

Boxycharm – $21/month

Boxycharm is not just polish, but other hand care and general beauty products, which makes it fun to open every month. Most months will include a nail polish, and they promise big brands like NARS and Essie. You’ll also receive other makeup and skincare, both full size and sample size.

Glitter Guilty – $15.99/month

The Glitter Guilty Pleasures box is a “Monthly Me” polish that has been customised for you based on your profile, a “Monthly Mini” which is a mini bottle that goes out to every subscriber, and some sort of guilty pleasure treat like a chocolate bar. Definitely helpful when that other “Monthly” comes to visit!

The Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini – $25/month

From beauty brand Nailtini comes a box that offers 3 full size limited edition polishes, plus two mini empty bottles for you to try your hands at custom mixing your own polishes. Each limited-edition lacquer collection is curated by top nail and beauty experts, and you can purchase past collections while stocks last

Laqa&Co Color of the Month – $12/month

This is a single-bottle sub service, sending out the hottest colour every month from Laqa&Co plus nail polish remover pads in a gold envelope. Super chic.

Luxe Coat – $22/month

This is an interesting concept, and slightly different to a regular sub service. Your first month you buy into Luxe Coat by purchasing the storage box that contains all your essentials: cuticle care pen, quick fix pen, remover, base & topcoat, quick dry spray, files, and three polishes. Every month after, you receive 3 new polishes to fill your box.

Nailette – $9.99/month

Each month you get two minis in The Nailette Box from big brands like Essie, OPI, and Orly. You complete a profile based on your skin tone and your preferred nail polish style, and the polish arrives in your mailbox every month.

Sweet Tea Polish – $12.50/month (discounts for 3 and 6-month subs)

This indie brand produces beautiful hand-mixed polishes inspired by the south in a combination of glitters, micas and pigments. Each month you get a full size bottle in the color of the month, a mini bottle in a coordinating color, and a free gift like jewellery or nail accessories.

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Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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