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Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

No matter who you are, every guy has a unique style. From the clothes you wear, to the bag you carry and even the deodorant you rub on, each choice on how we present ourselves to the world are not only indicators of who we are, but also ways to express ourselves in ways we couldn’t otherwise. Now, take that same thinking…. and apply it to nail polish.

For centuries, nail color has often been indicative of a certain trait or stature of the wearer, from ancient Egypt and China, where nail color was used to represent heritage or social class, through the modern day, where hues can be associated with different moods, personalities or seasons. While often still seen as being “feminine,” the trend of men sporting color on their fingers and toes is only growing, and names like Johnny Depp, Seal, David Beckham and six-time NFL Pro Bowler Chad Johnson all don’t just agree; they participate.

While nail color can be expressive and an interesting experiment to try, admittedly the majority of the polish brands cater to their female clientele, both in advertising and color palettes. So where do you look to find awesome colors while still keeping your masculinity in tact?
Enter ManGlaze. Featured on The Today Show in Bobbie Thomas’ “Beauty Bag” segment, this edgy color company is brimming with kick ass matte shades and wicked attitude combined with a dark, witty creativity in all its products, tapping into the “guy” sense of humor unlike any polish house has done before. Designed to “appeal to guys and really cool chicks,” ManGlaze gives all their polishes a name that packs a punch, such as the black as night “Matte is Murder,” the striking emerald green “Nawsome Sauce,” the carbon slate “Fuggen Ugly” grey, and the electric “Royal Mattermoaning” blue, released specifically to commemorate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Let your imagination figure out that one.

Each shade has their own eye-catching label designed by urban artists, embodying the brand’s identity as a cutting edge, masculine nail polish. You can even send in your own artwork and design a customized label with them for any color you want, allowing for an even further distinctive and personalized polish experience. And with slogans like, “We guarantee, it won’t make you grow tits,” ManGlaze has tapped into a realm often overlooked: letting a guy feel like a guy. Just because you coat your toes with their hot Lesbihonest fuchsia, doesn’t mean you have to feel like a chick while doing it.

With the recent explosion of guys caring about and trying new things when it comes to their nail care and grooming, ManGlaze is on the front lines showing guys that nail polish isn’t girly; it “Fuggen” rocks. Be sure to check out their pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and to see nail handiwork from the ManGlaze community.

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