Nailing It: A Seasonal Touch Up

Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

Spring has sprung! Sunglasses are being dusted off, restaurants are resuming outside seating, and the one thing that the warmth brings, other than some much needed relief, is a realization being whispered around the gyms and salons everywhere…. Summer is coming.

Before panic sets in, realize that most people are coming out of the colder “hibernation” months and there’s still plenty of time to get your look back up to speed before beach weather. Luckily in NYC, there are dozens of “dude-friendly” salons that dot the city grid and new ones are sprouting up all the time. Spiff, on 3rd Avenue between 46th and 47th, is one of the “no girls allowed” spots that should definitely be on your MANicure Map. This posh man-cave of a salon boasts a modern atmosphere along with an array of spa treatments designed just for guys. From manicures and pedicures to old-fashioned shaves and modern skin treatments, Spiff is a great go-to grooming option for guys, with complimentary alcohol while you indulge and apply a few finishing touches to complete your look, like a dapper shoeshine or an eyebrow tweeze.

And for the gym rats that add 30 reps to their ab routine as soon as the temperature hits 60 degrees, these practices also contributes to revitalizing and maintaining good health. Your hands and feet are the most used and exposed areas of your body, daily weathered by dirt and grime that sometimes a simple hand washing may not scrub out. A mani/pedi deep clean your cuticles and nail beds, scraping out hard to reach dirt that gets embedded behind and around the nails. The oils and moisturizers that are massaged in don’t just feel good; they actually help improve blood flow to the extremities, which can diminish aches and pains throughout your body. What’s the point in hunky bulging biceps if your grooming and hygiene screams lunky loser?

The start of a new season opens people up to renewed ideas and drives coupled with new possibilities and change. Don’t just tack on 25 pounds on your dumbbells. Put some weight on your grooming too.

Check back here every other Tuesday for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming.

Image via: Spiff
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