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No matter what walk of life you lead, city living can be hectic. When you have a myriad of other responsibilities that require your constant energy and attention, it takes another person to talk you into something you may not have initially thought of for yourself. Even though we usually know what’s best for our own individual lives, there are moments when a random opportunity or a buddy’s encouragement can broaden your horizons and open you up to something new, enjoyable or fascinating.

Meet Raymond, a 29-year-old filmmaker and aspiring producer who lives and breathes the Brooklyn “cool cat” Hipster scene. A creative and free spirit born and raised in NYC, there was very little convincing needed to not only get him to try his first pedicure ever, but to get a top coat of colored polish on top of that. “I just never made the time to go and get a pedicure. I don’t think about my feet a lot,” he confided. “But I’m here. I might as well go all the way!”

We stopped in at Lavender Aroma Spa on the Upper West Side, a cozy salon tucked off the corner of 81st and Amsterdam that offers services for both men and women, complete with an on-site male manicurist. The first thing Raymond did was pick his color, a matted blue-green. “I don’t want something crazy shiny,” he started, “but I don’t want to do something boring either.” His selection was anything but.

After getting his shoes off and sitting in the plush, leather pedicure chair, Raymond’s experience began. His legs visibly relaxed as his nails were scrubbed and cleaned, his overall demeanor becoming more composed. You could tell he was enjoying it. “I’m on my feet a lot and I walk everywhere,” he said. “I guess I should keep up with them a little more.”

Raymond would take turns between talking to me and darting down to the footbath when a new sensation was felt. Once the last leg of the pedicure was done, the blue-green polish went on and Raymond started to smile. “I never thought I’d do something like this,” he admitted. “But I do like that color.” When I asked how he felt after it was all done, he smiled and answered, “Oh, it feels great. I’d definitely do it again.” And there you have it, folks. One more guy discovers the benefits of nail care and the fun that can be had when you add some color to your grooming.

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