Nailing It: New Year, New Crew

Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

Let’s face it. The typical urbanite guy is often on the go so much, we’re lucky if we get a bathroom break during the day. Whether you’re swiping into the subway to shoot downtown for a business lunch, hailing a car to beat your date to the restaurant or packing an overnight bag for an impromptu weekend getaway, it’s always good to be prepared. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Clean nails? … Not check. With all the running around we do, it’s more than easy to skip little details, like a razor-sharp fingernail or an out-of-control cuticle. But don’t worry! There are a slew of travel-friendly and on-the-spot options when you just can’t stop for a manicure you might want to add to your New Years Resolutions list.

As guys become more and more conscious about personal grooming, many companies have taken notice and launched exclusive “men only” lines designed to keep you looking good while still feeling macho. The cleanup conglomerate Tweezerman recently launched a slick new men’s line of grooming tools called the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Collection for Men. This high-performance line allows guys to clip, file, tweeze, trim and shape just about any place we need to. Their Essential Grooming Kit comes with stainless point tweezers, ultra-sharp steel clippers, facial hair scissors and an embedded nickel multi-use tool to clean under the nails and file down jagged edges, all wrapped up in a sharp leather case. At $30, it’s an essential set for the ever-travelling guy.

If you’re a guy who has more of an edgy style, ACE Nail Care’s tools for guys are a great quick-fix option that keeps your masculine self-image intact. With fiery red accents and a sleek cobalt black finish, these tools are both useful and de-girlified. Their triangular nail pick features a 360º scrubbing ring, attacking those grubby nails to remove grit, grease and grime both above and below the nail bed as well as a handy nail file to complete the job. Your wild talon toenails are no match for their 55º POWER CUT™ toenail clippers, which have straight blades to dodge those nasty ingrown toenails and a built-in nail catcher, allowing you to snip down without clippings flying everywhere. For just around $15 each, the four-piece collection can be a lifesaving staple in your everyday hustle.

To finish off your travel pack, nail polish company OPI (that’s Oh-Pee-Eye, not “ohpee”) has launched Matte Nail Envy, an invisible finishing coat for guys that seals your nails, improving their strength and durability against the forces of the urban expanse while maintaining your nails’ non-shimmering appearance. If you shop around, you can find it for as little as $9.50.

The high-traffic, fast-paced life of the concrete jungle doesn’t leave much time to make sure you’re always looking your best. When properly equipped, the employee bathroom could be all you need to get your look back up to speed. So this year, make strives to be prepared for any situation 2016 may throw at you. It just takes a quiet corner, five focused minutes and, of course, the right tools. 

Check back here every other Tuesday for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming.

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