Nailing It: It’s A Man’s Man Mani

If you’re a guy who has walked into any typical nail salon, it’s easy to tell that the majority of them aren’t exactly designed to make a guy feel, well, like a guy. From the plush pastel chairs and neon nail polish racks to the stockpile of Cosmopolitan, People and Vanity Fair, not to mention the five women that looked up from their pedicures when you walked in. The misconception that men don’t or shouldn’t groom their nails has trained us to think men sitting with their feet in a pedicure bath is bizarre, and don’t even think about putting polish on, no matter how “clear” it appears to be.

News Flash: men get their nails done. It’s a harsh reality for some. There’s an even crazier one though. Even “manly” men get their nails done. Why? Hands are hands. Whether you’re tying a Full Windsor for work, gripping the weight bar for a bench press or strapping on stilettos for your weekly drag show, men from all walks of life are paying more attention to their grooming, an escalating trend in recent years.

Even though many salons are accommodating to men, there’s still a slight hesitancy in a guy’s first time getting a mani/pedi. So where do you go to get that clean manicured look without feeling like you’re sitting in a room suffocated by estrogen?

In New York City,, there are dozens of “dude-friendly” salons around with more popping up all the time. One notable one in particular is 18/8 on 20 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan. This “guys only” salon is a one-stop shop for all your grooming needs. But when it comes to nails, you can book their signature Man-icure Package, which comes with a 30-minute cuticle treatment, hand mask and a scrub, as well as a hand and arm massage accompanied by an Executive Haircut and an aromatic hot towel treatment. 18/8 is definitely a spot to mark on your MANicure Map.

Check back here every other week for more reviews and tips on how guys are NAILING IT when it comes to their grooming!

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