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Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

They’re on the cover of GQ. They’re laid out on Calvin Klein billboards. They’re toted around on Abercrombie & Fitch bags. The embodiment of male perfection. No longer are women the main gender being weighed and measured based on how they look. Down to the finest details, men are being coached and sculpted to keep up with the demand for male beauty. Going to the gym and eating better achieves the good body. A great haircut and styling products keeps the hair looking top notch. Multitudes of guy-focused clothing brands and lines offer endless options to make sure your outfit nabs the attention you want. It’s great progress when it comes to the appreciation of the male species, but it can also be a but overwhelming.

In this pursuit for perfection, often times the attention goes to the more apparent things, such as hair, body and clothing. But like the old saying warns, “the devil is in the details.” Missing crucial grooming steps can severely put a halt on any suave attempts you might make. According a a new U.S. survey done by Microplane Foot Files, one in three adults think that poorly maintained feet are a turn off and ranked mani/pedis in higher importance than hair removal, massages and facials. The rising popularity among men of being conscious of their finer grooming rituals has led to more and more guys jumping on the bandwagon, and modern society is certainly not hesitant in adjusting. In Layman’s terms, the bar has officially been raised.

All this pressure can seem stressful, especially for the guy who doesn’t know the difference between an exfoliant and an emery board. With the influx of guys getting into the grooming groove though, now more than ever guys have an array of tools at their disposal to both educate and enhance their debonair look. The easiest way to jump start your appeal makeover is to just take a sit in a manicure chair and experience the benefits for yourself. Your inner GQ stud will thank you.

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