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If you’re a regular reader, no doubt you are familiar with our resident celebrity manicurist Gerry Holford. Not only is a Gerry a font of wisdom when it comes to hand care and nail care, but she’s an incredible artist. She led the nails for three different shows during New York Fashion Week, including Steven Alan and Douglas Hannant, but our favorite by far were the nails she created for Nicholas K. Gerry worked with the team over at Bondi New York to create custom colors for all her shows, and we got the inside scoop.

The Inspiration

Inspiration for the look was taken from the clothes, along with a very specific color request from Nicholas. I felt it was very “fisherman” with the boots and rope accents along with the shapes and colors.

My inspiration for the color that I created specifically for the show was The Hudson River in the very early in the morning. It’s murky and still and a little bit flat, but there is always a sparkle on it from the rising sun.

The Look

I used our custom army navy toned blue, Hudson, with a matte top coat. I then painted a rounded chevron with a glossy black called Total Eclipse. The finishing touch was a matte black ring pierced onto the right hand ring finger.

The How-To

To start, paint two coats of Hudson and let it dry. Top it off with a matte top coat.

Then, with your glossy black, Total Eclipse, paint two diagonal lines across the tip. If you are extra adventurous, and you want the authentic look, you can pierce your nail and add the matte black ring like we did at the show.

It’s as simple as that to get an on-trend nail look straight of New York City catwalk!

NYFW Nicholas K Nails NYFW Nicholas K Nails


[Header and top image via: Andrew Werner, bottom image property of pedicure.com]
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