Pinterest Roundup: Matte Nails

Looking for inspiration for your next manicure or pedicure? Want to try out some nail art? Flick through our Pinterest Roundup and grab your polish! This week are focussing on some matte nail art trends making the rounds on Pinterest. Read on for some serious mani inspo!

1. Navy Glitter

Pinterest Roundup: Matte Nails Navy Glitter

We love the jelly and matte effect of this manicure and really want to try it out!

2. Matte Black with Glitter

Pinterest Roundup: Matte Nails Black

You can’t go wrong with matte black nails and the glitter cuticle effect is just gorgeous!

3. Navy Accent Nail

Pinterest Roundup: Matte Nails Navy Accent

This look just oozes class and again, we love a bit of glitter!

4. Rainbow Sponge Effect

Pinterest Roundup: Matte Nails Rainbow Sponge

This pin links to 50 matte nail polish ideas, there’s something for everyone! We love that this rainbow sponge effect is a twist on the classic simple matte look.

5. Pastel with Glitter Accent

Pinterest Roundup: Matte Nails Pastel Glitter

This holographic glitter accent nail paired with the pastel duck egg blue is a great pairing.

All of these pins are on our [Matte] board, so have a look through and maybe follow us while you’re there? It’s worth it we promise! Comment below with your favorite matte look!



Mette Jorgensen

Our Editor Mette is a fan of a glitter manicure, she can often be found pleading with her manicurist for just one more coat to achieve the ultimate sparkle. She's Australian so forgive her for occasionally writing in British English.

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