Taking The Perfect Manicure Selfie

Kesha’s done it. So has Rihanna. Kelly Osbourne’s done it too – after all, posting a selfie of your amazing manicure is basically the entire point of Instagram. And, like any other type of selfie, the art of the nail selfie is a delicate one. So we’ve compiled a few tips to help you show off your tips in the best way possible.

Let’s state the obvious: make sure your manicure is shareworthy. No one wants to see your one-day old chip-free nude manicure. When you get ready to snap your photo, keep your purpose in mind. Are you trying to show off the color, your shape, your length, your expertly applied DIY nail art?

With those thoughts in mind, think of the perfect pose for your nails. You don’t HAVE to go for the traditional “claw” pose – in fact, that pose isn’t really that flattering unless you’re actually holding an object (say, the bottle of polish featured in your mani). Take a good look at your manicure: is your art Picasso-esque? Get a close-up of the details. Does the look only make sense if you show all ten of your fingers? Get someone else to snap your “selfie.” All of these factors play in to which pose will showcase your manicure best.

Wherever you take your photo, keep your background minimal. A fun background can add depth to a really cool ombre manicure, but don’t include a floral background if your nail art features intricate floral details: it’s distracting and takes away from the overall effect. A general rule of thumb: the busier your manicure, the more basic your background should be.

Lighting is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the nail selfie, especially if the point of your photo is to show off the color. Be aware of your environment and take a few photos in natural lighting. If natural light just isn’t doing it for you, have some fun with your filters. Beware though: Adding a filter can easily change the way your art looks, and worse, it can age your hands. If you have a lot of yellow in your skin, stay away from filters that lend a yellow or brown tint, such as Hefe. If you’re pale, keep away from blue tints, such as Walden .The shades of these filters will instantly add ten years to your hands, and no one wants that.

The only thing worse than an extreme close-up of nails with parched cuticles is an extreme close-up of your nails smeared with cuticle oil. Obviously, you want your healthy, moisturized cuticles to induce jealousy in nailbiters across the blogosphere, but looking like you just dipped them in buttery popcorn won’t do that. Applying your favorite cuticle balm before snapping your nail selfie is definitely a must, but do it about 10 minutes beforehand to let the formula absorb. Clean up any excess with a cotton swab, and then snap away. Bonus: you won’t get any oil all over your cell phone!

– Bren Lee Gomez

[All images above from our Instagram account]
Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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