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Like most people living in NYC, I was looking forward to sun filled days at the beach in the Hamptons over the Fourth of July weekend. The looming grey skies and pockets of rain ensured that was not to be the case this independence holiday. With three children under 5 years, a teenager, and four adults in the beach house, we needed to find an alternative to outdoor activities, and fast! Upon my friends suggestion, we headed to the local nail salon for some pamper time. My friends adorable 3 year old came along and let me tell you this was not her first rodeo, she was an experienced pamper princess. She knew exactly what color she wanted – bright green – and went for Color Club’s ‘Wild Cactus’ (a glitter topcoat was added later by her super stylish Mother). Our little princess even had her own ‘mini me’ chair complete with basin and massage capabilities – the cuteness factor was off the chart.

The salon was bustling as it seemed that everyone in Westhampton had the same idea to beat the rain. The owner seemed to be a little stressed as the phone was literally ringing every 3 minutes; I heard her explain over and over how she was supposed to close at lunchtime but the appointments kept coming so it would be a long day ahead – on one hand great for business, on the other she missed out on spending a day with her family. I must admit I felt a little guilty for enjoying my pedicure while there seemed to be so much stress in the salon. My nail technician did a great job on my feet, although after debriefing with our Editor I realized her use of a metal foot file was not ideal because there is the increase risk of taking off live skin – revolting I hear you say, that was my reaction when she told me. Due to them being so busy I opted last minute for a polish change on my hands instead of a full manicure. I should have just stuck to my fabulous pedicure, as my fingernails chipped within one day, as did my friends, and the polish was uneven and bubbly. Overall this salon wasn’t relaxing because the staff were so stressed out. Did I enjoy myself, you ask? Yes, because of my fabulous friends that accompanied me. I would return because on a different day I believe the atmosphere and service would be a lot better. Oh, and I always believe in second chances.

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Westhampton Nail Spa Inc. 70B Riverhead Rd, Westhampton Beach, New York

Ambience: No music that I can recall, busy medium sized salon. You could feel the stress and tension the air from the staff, but it was Fourth of July so they get a free pass.
Cleanliness of salon: Clean and sanitized products
Polish: Pedi ‘Big Spender’, Mani ‘Minimalistic’ – both Essie, retail for $7-$10
Polish job & chip factor: Fabulous pedi polish job – no chips after 2 weeks, mani polish job not so great, chipped after one day
Brands they stock: OPI, Essie & Color Club
Color range: Vast color range of quality polishes
Customer engagement: Friendly and professional
Price range: Basic mani: $13 and pedi: $25. Mani/Pedi special $35.

Ruth Shelling

As the Publisher for, Ruth has 20-years of media, marketing, and sales experience. Currently, she writes the quirky and funny column In the VIP Chair with Ruth Shelling that is all about the crazy salon experiences she has throughout Manhattan and New Jersey.

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