Five Ways To Quickly Conceal A Chip In Your Nail Polish

Picture this…you have a perfect mani one minute, then the next minute one nail has a chip, ruining the whole thing! You don’t want to take off your whole manicure and start again, but you can’t have a chip on a single nail either (as our Publisher Ruth says, it looks very unprofessional, and we totally agree). Everyone who has experienced it knows exactly how annoying it is. But worry not, we’ve come up with five quick fixes for this exact situation that will leave your nails feeling refreshed and looking superb!

– Buffing/filing/trimming the nail to remove the chipped area is the easiest (but also most boring) way to fix a chipped nail. For those more adventurous readers we have come up with some ways to spruce up your manis by camouflaging the chip!

– By using your fave glitter top coat you can create a gorgeous glitter accent nail, or just spruce up the whole mani with a glitter top coat (and as fellow glitter fans will know, this increases the enjoyment factor of your mani by quite a lot!)

– Another option is free-hand tips – you can either use a bright contrasting color, or do glitter tips (I recently did it with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength ‘Silver Anniversary’ over a chipped hot pink Sephora polish and it looked super cute)! Carefully paint across the edge of your nail to conceal the offending chip.

– For those less confident with the free hand tips option, using scotch tape allows you to easily create stencils for perfect French tips every time! To make them a bit more individual, try using scrap-booking scissors with irregular edges to cut shapes into the stencils for your tips. This is so easy to do and makes your nails look really cute!

– Finally, the Birchbox blog did an awesome tutorial on how to use binder folder reinforcement stickers as stencils for a moon-shaped design that is specifically for the dreaded chip in your mani, check it out here


– Mette Jorgensen

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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