Go Crazy for Glitter St. Patrick’s Day Nail Tutorial!

If you’ve read any of my articles before, you would know I am a BIG fan of a glitter and/or themed manicures. But if you want to go all out with your glitter-themed manicure, St Patrick’s Day is just perfect! So read on for our all-out glitter St. Patrick’s Day Nail Tutorial!

The best thing about this manicure is that you can choose any glitter you have to hand, and can tone it down to just one nail or go all out with every finger! For this tutorial, you will need the following-

  • A gold or bronze-toned base polish, we used OPI ‘Brisbane Bronze.’
  • A top coat, make sure it is thick as it needs to anchor the glitter to your nail AND seal it
  • Your chosen glitter. This could be gold, rainbow or green. We used a gorgeous emerald green from an old Nails Inc kit.
  • A small bowl or plate. You need to be able to pour your glitter in and have room to flatten your nail into it so make sure the bowl is big enough
  • A small brush, this can be a makeup brush or a nail art brush

How to!

1. Prepare the glitter before you start painting your nails as it will be much easier to do now than when your nails are wet/drying! To do this, pour a small amount of glitter into your bowl and make a small pile.

Glitter St Patrick's Day Nail Tutorial

2. Paint your nails with your base coat and once that has dried, paint 1-2 coats of your chosen base color.

Glitter St Patrick's Day Nail Tutorial

3.Using your thick top coat, paint a thick layer over one nail at a time. Let it dry until it it has a tacky consistency, then dip your nail into the glitter and roll it side to side until your nail is completely covered.

4. Use your brush to brush away any excess glitter that has attached itself to the side of your finger or is stuck in your cuticle. Glitter tends to stray! If a brush isn’t working, wet the end of a Q-Tip. Repeat with the rest of your nails, or as many as you want to cover!

5. Once you have covered your nails in glitter, seal them with a thick coat of your chosen top coat. We used Seche Vite. Then leave it 15 minutes to fully dry and your gorgeous glitter manicure is ready to go!

Glitter St Patrick's Day Nail Tutorial

Will you be going all out with glitter nails for St Patrick’s Day? Let us know by commenting below!



Mette Jorgensen

Our Editor Mette is a fan of a glitter manicure, she can often be found pleading with her manicurist for just one more coat to achieve the ultimate sparkle. She's Australian so forgive her for occasionally writing in British English.

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