In The VIP Chair: VV Nail Spa Review

It was my first face-to-face client meeting since having my beautiful baby girl just 6-weeks earlier and I was feeling a little nervous about leaving my little cherub for the first time. I had spent the day prior preparing for the meeting (or as other working mothers would call it – pumping:) so her Daddy could seamlessly feed in my absence. I had a successful meeting and after calling home to ensure my husband was still coping I decided to take the ‘baby free’ opportunity to do a quick salon review. I had learnt my lesson not to take my sweet darling on another salon review, at least not until she is at an age where she can enjoy having a pedi with her Momma. I entered the very basic VV Nail Spa in Midtown NYC and told them I needed a quick manicure as I had a 6-week old infant at home. It must be my Aussie accent because they thought I said I wanted a French manicure, hmmm not a good start however I persevered given I was on a time constraint and was desperate to have my fingers polished as they hadn’t been touched since I went into labor. The polishes were a little outdated so I went with one I had used before – Essie’s dark blue ‘After School Blazer’. I sat down in the worn uncomfortable chair kind of excited to have an adult conversation (we all know I love to talk) only to be disappointed that my manicurist did not feel the same. So there I sat in silence, looking around the basic salon feeling guilty that I was having my nails done while my husband was at home looking after our baby (I am told a Momma’s guilt stays with you for life – yikes!). The manicurist was quick and only took a mere 10 minutes to clean up my cuticles and polish my fingers. Despite the uncomfortable surroundings and lack of ambience she did a reasonable job and even helped put my coat on so I could rush out before my nails were completely dry. This is the type of no fuss salon you go to if you were on your way to a meeting and in a rush, completely judging the appearance of the salon I would not have a pedicure here.

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VV NAIL SPA NYC – 35 East 32 St, NYC

Ambience: Basic, not a relaxing experience – great for a quick manicure (wouldn’t get a pedicure here)
Cleanliness of salon: I would not consider this salon to be overly clean (I have high standards). The walls needed to be repainted as they had patch marks all over them – I would call this a basic/rundown salon
Polish: Essie’s ‘After School Blazer (Retails $8-$10)
Polish job & chip factor: 5 days
Brands they stock: Essie & OPI
Color range: Some polishes needed to be replaced, small color range
Customer engagement: Friendly and helpful
Price range: Manicure $10, Parrafin Manicure $25, Spa Manicure $28, Pedicure $22 Parrafin Pedicure $40, Vitamin E Pedicure $45, Green Tea Spa Pedicure $55 and Honey Milk Pedicure $60

Ruth Shelling

As the Publisher for, Ruth has 20-years of media, marketing, and sales experience. Currently, she writes the quirky and funny column In the VIP Chair with Ruth Shelling that is all about the crazy salon experiences she has throughout Manhattan and New Jersey.

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