Must Have Nail Products You Should Own

Every polish lover has a list of ‘must have’ products in their nail kit that you need to own. Here’s ours!

Good nail file

An obvious necessity, a nail file keeps your nails even and looking great. We recommend having a few so you can have one in the car, one in your purse, and in your kit because chances are you will chip/break a nail on the go and not be able to fix it until you get home.

Base coat & top coat

For obvious reasons you need a good quality base and top coat to protect your nails from staining and prevent your mani from chipping.

Cuticle oil

Hydrated cuticles is not only healthy but makes your nails look a lot better.

Hand cream

Your cuticles aren’t the only things needing moisture; having dry skin is like dry cuticles as it’s unhealthy and detracts from your mani.

Polish remover

Personally we love the Zoya remover as it quickly and efficiently removes all polish colours and textures (yes, even glitter) and comes in a handy bottle with a flip top, push down dispenser lid.

Cotton balls

The less linty, the better! It sucks to have a gorgeous mani ruined by bits of ugly fluff that stick to your nails. We love to rip apart our cotton balls and put a bit of polish remover on each small bit and then apply to our nails and leave for a minute or two before easily swiping all of the polish off. This way is economical as it reduces the amount of cotton balls you use AND the time it takes to take your polish off, woohoo!

Round cuticle pusher

Rather than using a cuticle remover, we just push our cuticles back so that our nail beds aren’t damaged.

Buffer block

A buffer block is a great investment as you can file, buff, smooth and shine your nails quickly and easily with just one handy tool.


Both regular and hangnail clippers are a necessity when your nails are too long to file down and need to be clipped. They’re also great for using with your toes, plus hangnail clippers are the perfect shape for removing the hangnails without cutting your skin.

Paint brush

This is an absolute life saver when you’ve just finished a manicure which is perfect except for a tiny amount of polish on the skin/cuticle. Sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I leave this to come off naturally during the day or in the shower, but if you’re going to an important meeting or going out (or, let’s be honest…Instagramming your mani) this looks unprofessional so that’s where the brush comes in. If you buy a paint brush and dip it in pure acetone remover/your regular polish remover, you can easily get rid of any polish from your skin turning your at home mani into a salon-quality one instantly!

What do you think of our list? Hit us up on Facebook with any of your must have products that aren’t on the list!

– Mette Jorgensen

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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