Nail Polish Color Combos That Shouldn’t Work, But Do

Sometimes you need to get away from your usual color combos and try something new. And sometimes a color combo might sound terrible on paper (or on screen) but it works! We matched up some of the coolest combos from Zoya to give you some fresh nail-spiration.


fuschia and gold nail polish zoya

Fuchsia and Gold

“This colour combo is so 70s. Sitting the bottles together you might not think it works, but on the nail…oh man! So sexy!” – Elise Wright, Editor-in-chief, Dana and Goldie

cobalt and coral nail polish zoya

Cobalt and Coral

It needs to be the right shade of coral, for sure, but cobalt and coral is bold and sophisticated. Ling and Cassi

bronze and lilac nail polish zoya

Bronze and Lilac

The bold bronze with the soft lilac is a match made in heaven. Austine and Perrie

emerald and royal purple nail polish zoya

Emerald and Violet

This is an obvious colour combo for green eyes and purple eyeshadow, but it works just as well on nails. Never mind the fact these are two bold, jewel-tone shades, this combo rocks! Chita and Carter

gold and yellow nail polish zoya

Gold and Yellow

“I’ve seen some great gold and yellow designs I’ve liked. I’m a little obsessed with yellow right now. There seems to be a perfect shade for every skin tone! And the proper gold addition can be really complimentary.” Tee Hundley, Celebrity manicurist Ziv and Darcy

mint and copper nail polish zoya

Copper and Mint

Metal and mint is like wearing a strong necklace with a pretty dress – masculine with feminine. Wednesday and Penny

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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