Nailing It: A Resolution Keeper

Nailing It with Isaiah Negron manicures for men

In today’s society where every one is obsessed with the newest diet fad or “organic” health craze, we are constantly inundated with what we should be doing with out bodies to stay within the best guidelines of being healthy. Just in time to make your New Years Resolution is a surprisingly simple way to not only keep the body in ship shape, but improve your overall health as well. Hint hint: It’s not eating an avocado every day.

When you go and get a manicure and pedicure, you’re taking a multi-pronged approach to keeping some of the most used parts of your body strong. Your hands, as one of the most constantly exposed parts of your body, are daily weathered by dirt and grime that a simple hand washing often doesn’t scrub out. Manicures get in deep to clean those cuticles and nail beds, scraping out hard to reach dirt that gets embedded behind and around the nails. Trapped dirt can also lead to unsightly problems for your fingernails down the line.

Not often as exposed but definitely just as used, your feet take regular beatings all day, depending on your levels of activity. This causes the skin on the undersides of your feet to rub and the skin grow hard, drying out and sometimes causing annoying and ugly callouses. Pedicures exfoliate these conditions away, helping distribute your weight more evenly. This can reduce leg and back pain for those who depend on our feet to keep us upright for long periods of time.

The oils and moisturizers that are massaged in during a mani/pedi don’t just feel good, they actually help improve blood flow to the extremities. This can diminish aches and pains and help your body circulate heat when it’s more than just chilly out, like this New York City “spring” for example.

One of the most serious problems cleaning your nails can prevent are fungal infections that grow under the nails. If not caught early, they can discolor and eat away at your nails, sometimes needing special lasers to remove the fungus. Getting manicures and pedicures don’t just help stop these from happening, but are a surefire way to catch anything starting to develop early so it can be treated.

Your body’s health is a great thing to stay on top of. Regular mani/pedis promote lasting health benefits, not to mention keep your hands looking sharp when you go to grab those kale chips.


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