Naily News: Sephora to launch Sephora X

We mentioned this yesterday on our Facebook page, but here’s the scoop – Sephora are launching a new line of nail polishes. But this isn’t just any old collection of 6 or 12 colors. Oh no, this is over TWO HUNDRED polishes and nail care products. Under the label Sephora X, the line is due to roll out this September BUT it appears you can already buy some online, and certain beautyinsiders were given insider access as a lot of the polishes have reviews on the site already.

Sephora are making some huge claims with Sephora X, touting exclusive and never-before-seen ingredients, safe neon pigments (more on this soon), faster drying time, ultra shine, and precise application, all while being three free. Essentially, Sephora x is the most technologically advanced line ever seen in the nail care industry. Big claims.

Sephora X is going to take the real estate previously occupied by Sephora by OPI, which explains the huge sale on the line going on right now. If you have any favorites from that brand, we suggest you stock up asap!

Taking a closer look at what’s on offer, there are starting with 93 colors and 50 effects polishes. The lacquers are divided into categories, and you can see some of them on  – The Illusionists (top coats that transform), The Cosmics (high coverage glitter), The Prismatics (twinkling luster dust), The Sparklers (3D glitter), The Pearlescents (shimmering metallics), The Electrics (neons), The New Classics (essentials), The New Neutrals (glitter and creme neutrals), The Minimalists (sheer colors), The Industrials (a whole line of greys, woo!), The Under and the Cover (top and base). Egads!! Plus there are a few that aren’t on the site yet, like The Xplosives (matte confetti glitter), The Shifters (duochromes), The Holograms (self explanatory?), The Lusters (multi size glitter), The Celestials (matte metallics – um?!), The Superwatts (jelly glitter), and The Brilliants (disco ball glitter).  On top of this, like it isn’t enough, there are also treatment products and something Sephora are calling The System – base coat, topcoat, nail cleanser, and color of your choice in a set. The System will be $32, treatment prods are $10.50-$14, and lacquers are $10.50-$12.50. This means prices are slightly higher than what Sephora by OPI sold for, but with the boundaries this line is pushing, an extra dollar or two isn’t going to hurt..

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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