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My latest review took me to a salon called “T&T Nail & Spa”, which got me thinking, is it just me or do nail salons across the globe have the strangest names? I am sure their names mean something to them, just not sure what they mean to the rest of us. Take the name “YoYo Spa”, or “Lovely Angel Nail”, or what about the fact that almost every state in the world has a salon called “Hollywood Nails”. My favorite is a lower east side salon in New York with the very original name “Nail Salon”. Well, at least you know what they do.

I was walking on between Madison and Fifth Avenue and was lured into T&T Nail & Spa by the large sign that said “Grand Opening Special”. I was greeted by the friendly owner who managed to upsell me to her mani and pedi special by offering to do them at the same time. You know, I believe this is the first time a salon owner has offer that without me having to beg them. I asked her how long she had been opened given the sign and she told me three years. Oh dear, you have to love a grand opening special that is still running after three years. I sat down in the very comfy pedi chair and allowed their very talented nail technicians to work their magic on my fingers and toes. I have to say both technicians did an exceptional job, my pedicurist even managed to massage my feet without me squirming and kicking her. I was impressed with this salon; not only were the polishes of good quality, the salon was spotless and the relaxing instrumental music was lulling me into a sense of peace and tranquility (forgetting that just a few steps away were millions of busy New Yorkers pounding the pavement). I didn’t want to leave; maybe I should come back and try their blueberry spa pedicure or the milk spa pedicure that guarantees to increase your skins ability to retain moisture. The only negative was that their brochure was filled with typos, spelling and grammatical errors. Maybe I should have offered my services to help them; hmm there is a thought.

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T&T Nail & Spa, 1 East 36 St, btw Madison & 5th Ave NYC

Ambience: relaxing environment, instrumental music playing in the background
Cleanliness of salon: Clean and spacious
Polish: Pedicure: ‘Koala Beary Hot Pink’ by OPI – Retails $6-9 & Manicure: ‘First Dance Red’ by Essie – Retails $6-9
Polish job & chip factor: Lasted the typical 3-4 days
Brands they stock: OPI, Essie & CNDC
Color range: They have a medium color range
Customer engagement: Friendly and engaging. Fabulous service!
Price range: Mani’s: $9 Pedi’s: $19 and Mani/Pedi Special $24.99 (Quick dry top coat extra $2) Offer Blueberry, Milk, Lavender & Pomegranate Spa Pedicures for $38

Ruth Shelling

As the Publisher for, Ruth has 20-years of media, marketing, and sales experience. Currently, she writes the quirky and funny column In the VIP Chair with Ruth Shelling that is all about the crazy salon experiences she has throughout Manhattan and New Jersey.

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