Tutorial Tuesday: Glitter Cuticles

It’s a Tuesday and we have a tutorial for you… Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! We are calling this tutorial ‘Glitter Cuticles’ and it’s perfect for those who want a bit of sparkle on their mani, but don’t want OTT glitter nails! It has just the right amount of glitter to be classy at work but also perfect for a party. Plus we love that it’s different from the typical glitter cuticle gradient mani that has done the rounds on Pinterest and Instagram. Enjoy!

For this tutorial we used Sportsgirl ‘Frost’ and Sally Hansen ‘Silver Anniversary’, but you could substitute these for any base polish and glitter top coat that you wanted. Try and use a base polish that matches your glitter top coat, otherwise it could look a bit odd. You will also need a toothpick or striper brush, whichever you have at hand. Oh and do we even need to tell you that you need a base and top coat? Our gorgeous readers are polish-lovers and will no doubt know that!

1.Apply a base coat to all your nails.

2.Paint nails with 1-2 coats of your chosen base polish. We used Sportsgirl ‘Frost’.

Tutorial Tuesday: Glitter Cuticles Step 1

3.With a striper brush (or toothpick) and your glitter polish, create a reverse french polish line at your cuticle. Try and paint a line using the glitter that follows the natural line of your cuticle.

Tutorial Tuesday: Glitter Cuticles End Result

If your lines are uneven, dip your striper brush in polish remover to even up the lines. Try to do this when the glitter is still wet, so it comes off easier and you don’t remove the base polish too.

4.Wait for it to dry and then seal with a top coat.

How easy was that? 4 steps! We really love the simplicity of this mani and how refined it looks despite being SO easy! You could mix it up by doing a different color glitter on your accent nail, or by not painting glitter on every nail. It’s up to you!

Let us know if you use this tutorial for your next mani by sharing your pictures on our social media!

Until next time!

The Pedicure Team


Mette Jorgensen

Our Editor Mette is a fan of a glitter manicure, she can often be found pleading with her manicurist for just one more coat to achieve the ultimate sparkle. She's Australian so forgive her for occasionally writing in British English.

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